Maybe you enjoy reading short, up-to-date, relevant health posts on a daily basis.  You would probably enjoy my BLOG.  There are thousands of posts that cover almost every topic you can imagine, with a large emphasis on Gut Health, Endocrine Health, Chronic Pain Syndromes, all facets of Nutrition, and the fallacy of Evidence-Based Medicine.  Most of the information I dispense revolves around things you can do to understand what your problem is, and then fix it yourself — as opposed to hoping a doctor is going to do it for you.

If you are looking for testimonials from people who have suffered with the same problems you have been suffering with, you need to visit our VIDEO TESTIMONIAL PAGE.   These patients had the same issues you have; Chronic Pain, Tendinosis, Ligamentous Instability, Headaches, Shoulder Pain, Chronic Neck Pain, Piriformis Syndrome (Pain in the Butt), Osgood Schlatter Syndrome, Chronic Back Pain, Sciatica, as well as a whole host of others.  Enjoy!

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  1. Mary

    I would like to join this blog and get feedback, ideas and support from people that deal with and suffer from PS. I have been so desperate at times from the pain in my buttocks I could go crazy enough to want to be put out of my misery at times.

    • Hello Mary,

      Feel free to join, but this is not really a support group or message board. I sincerely hope that there is something here for you. Most of the good stuff (also free) is on my Doctor Schierling site.

      Dr. Russ

  2. Kristy

    Hi I am wondering what you think of the Fasiablaster? Also, if micro tears and injuries cause fascia adhesions, will you have even more adhesions when you tear the fascia enough to cause bruising? Just wondering if I’m going to make my problems worse in the long run?

    • Never used it so I can’t say. Seems sort of gimmicky, but might be awesome. Lots of similar out there. As far as bruising is concerned, in order to break down the adhesions you have to use some sort of controlled trauma, which will sometimes cause brusing.

      Dr. Russ

  3. Kim

    Hi, I haven’t slept for years!! It’s pretty much been since I had kids.. I have a six and five year olm… I only get the pain while sleeping and I remember when it first started I woke and felt like I couldn’t rollover without first massaging out the spasms. From then on this pretty much became and ongoing thing every night. Now I can’t be bothered massaging out the spasms and I just put up with the pain and throw myself over! I’ve changed by mattress, had remedial massage, been to the chiropractor and now I’m going to a physio who I was told is one of the top 20 in Australia. He doesn’t seem to know what the problem is and has given me stretches to do morning and night including childs pose reaching out to the left then right, cat stretches and I also added myself the bridge stretch. Thankfully this seemed to have stopped the spasms and I’m getting a few nights here and there of sleep but on a bad night I now notice the actually bone pain. When doing the bridge stretch and rolling down one vertebrae at a time I notice my ribs click and my husband pressed on my back one morning while the pain was still bad and we seemed to have pinpointed that is my second and third bottom ribs a few inches out from my backbone that hurt. Also when I first bend over and touch my toes and sway side to side in the morning I feel like a couple of my ribs are loose and then it eventually stops. Can you please give me your thoughts on what this may be and how it can be fixed. Thanks heaps

    • Hello Kim,

      This could certainly be Fascial Adhesions. Quite often I find that when people are moving, they are forcing enough motion into the restricted tissue to make it work — thus, no pain. However, when people stop moving, like sitting down to watch TV or laying down to sleep, the motion that should be present just from moving around or breathing is not. Unfortunately, it’s impossible for me to say one way or another if that’s your case or if it is something else.

      Dr. Russ

  4. Ben

    Great blog. I have acute tendon pain in my right hand near index finger. Tried therapy with ultrasound and stim electrical therapy even iontophoresis patches but pain keeps coming back. Any ideas?

  5. Jessica

    I am a 30 yr old female with no significant past medical history. In July of 2013, I had an acute left ankle injury while running, which was peroneal subluxation. I was eventually given a cortisone injection into the tendon, placed into a walking boot, which compressed my peroneal nerve. I continued physical therapy but It took several months for the nerve compression to resolve. Unfortunately, I’m still suffering from the peroneal tendonitis, but in the last month, bilateral peroneal tendonitis (tendonosis) as well as bilateral posterior tibial tendonitis! Along with this, I was just diagnosed with Raynaud’s disease as well. Physical therapy has not helped, I have been on a gluten free & dairy free diet for 3 months with no relief with this issue either. I also went to a podiatrist & just started wearing custom orthotics this week, which if this doesn’t help, I am out of options. Do you have any suggestions?

    • Hello Jessica,

      You are doing many right things, but when CORTICOSTEROIDS are injected into tendons, serious problems can ensue.

      Dr. Russ

    • You also need to read about the GLUTEN CROSS-REACTORS. They can really foul things up for people who are doing things right or almost so.

      Dr. Russ

    • Hello Jessica,

      I would suggest that you start by reading THIS. As far as GLUTEN is concerned, click the link to find out the right way and wrong way to go Gluten Free. Raynaud’s Disease tells me you are AUTOIMMUNE — probably have LEAKY GUT SYNDROME. There are a host of things that could be driving this. Hope this is beneficial.

      Dr. Russ

      • Jessica

        Hi Dr. Russ,
        I appreciate this, I have read through it and I am at a loss. I have been found to be intolerant to lactose from a food intolerance test due to chronic constipation, so I have been doing a lactose free, gluten free and simply the paleo diet for a few months with no relief with the bilateral tendonitis or constipation. I am 5’7″, 140 lbs and 30 y/o female, I exercise on the bike and strength train 5 days a week (the bike is the only thing that I can do as I used to run several days a week prior to this injury in July). I unfortunately also have experienced b6 toxicity in Oct after I had the peroneal nerve compression from the walking boot, I was told to take b6 for nerve damage (a normal dose) but I obviously was not deficient at all due to my healthy diet. It has normalized but I have to watch what I eat because certain foods and ANY supplements that stimulate nerves in any way bring back the numbness/tingling/burning all over my body. It is awful! I can not even take vitamin D as it does this to me, which I know that I am deficient in. I am at a pure loss as to what to do, should I see a rheumatologist for labwork such as RF?My PCP did a ANA, ESR and CRP, which were all normal. Please help:( I am in the medical field as a Nurse Practitioner and I have never been so frustrated with anything in my life!

      • Hello Jessica,

        Sounds like you are doing things right. However, the list of things that can drive occult inflammation is long. Could be H. Pylori or some other dysboitic issue (or even too little stomach acid). Could be a parasite. There could be some form of heavy metal toxicity present. Your house, God forbid, might have some hidden black mold in it. I completely understand your frustration. Use my contact page on my site to let me know where you live. I might be able to point you to someone who could help.

        Dr. Russ

  6. Bo Cornwell

    Hi … I’m 50 I was burned 3rd degree on both legs ( at the age of 7 ) and up mt right hip and some of my butt. The older I get the harder the scares get the more pain I have. In 2011 I was able to have some surgery to remove some scares between my upper legs and some pain was better but then it made the pain in my legs more painful I don’t tell my Dr. that I see monthly cause he don’t understand my pain and will just increase my medication. I guess what I am asking what can I do and is it going to keep getting worse ?
    Thank you for your time.
    Bo Cornwell

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