As of the first part of 2016, I have NEARLY 200 VIDEO TESTIMONIALS on my YouTube Channel.  I should have more.  Unfortunately, there are ANY NUMBER OF THINGS that slow the process. 

Back in 2011 (prior to doing videos), I started keeping a weekly diary — about four months long — of some of the people I treated in my clinic, along with their conditions.  My WEEKLY PATIENT TREATMENT DIARY can be accessed by clicking the link.



  1. Kk

    I was in a real bad atv accident 1year and 3 months ago
    Broke my jaw in 3 peieces
    Broke all my cheek bones on both sides
    Broke my sinus bone
    Broke my nose
    Cracked my skull
    Broke the bones behind my ears
    Let’s just say I shouldn’t be here so I am so very great full !
    Well I have developed scar tissue around my mouth and lips
    I had and have nerve damage cause from the wreck I got Bell’s palsy on both sides of my face. It’s finally healed. But since I couldn’t move anything on my face for bout a year cause of the palsy and my mouth pin shut for a few months the scar tissue came fast. Now I feel in thick and bad in my cheeks. Lips. And under my nose and chin. I can’t move my mouth or lips. Looks like I’m smiling 100% of the time. Yes it’s very hard to eat. Let’s just say I’m very messy. I’m happy to be here but now I’m wanting this last thing to heal. I massage all the tissue everyday. I feel it try to melt away like butter but seems to come right back the next day Any suggestions?? I would more than appreciate it like you wouldn’t belive
    Thank you so much

  2. Josephine

    7 months ago I fell at home result was an open compound fracture resulting in a broken wrist. Having taken the cast off my fingers had seized up my elbow was bent shoulder seemed as though it had come forward & after 3 months I was told I had Chronic pain disorder because it was excruciating even though I was on very strong painkillers my hand resembled a lump & knuckles weren’t visible. After 3 months I stopped painkillers pain disappeared knuckles are now visible. 7 months later elbow has dropped but I’m unable to make a fist put hand straight put hand arm behind my back & although I’ve achieved a lot in 7 months ( to the surprise of consultant & physios ) there’s so much I can’t do , clap, peel vegetables but to name a few
    Any advice suggestions would be gladly appreciated

  3. Dr. Kevin

    I have had pain in the elbow, wrist, and forearm for over a year due to injury. After one treatment, my pain is 95% gone, and my function has improved to nearly normal. Dr. Kevin S. E.R. Physician, Topeka, KS

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