For years neuro-scientists have known that Chronic Pain can cause brain atrophy (shrinkage) that is indistinguishable from Alzheimer’s Disease or Dementia. More recently The Journal of Neuroscience reported that

The longer the individual has had Fibromyalgia, the greater the gray matter loss, with each year of fibromyalgia being equivalent to 9.5 times the loss in normal aging.”   McGill University Centre for Research

Think about this for a moment. Every single year you live with Fibromyalgia (or other Chronic Pain Syndromes) is the equivalent of nearly 10 times the brain loss seen in the normal aging process. Re-read this paragraph until the urgency of your situation sinks in!

Although there are several types of pain, and Chronic Pain can get extremely complex; we are going to try and keep this simple.  For our purposes, there are two types of Chronic Pain.  It has to do with where the pain comes from.  Chronic Pain originates in one of the two following areas

  • Central Nervous System 
  • The Body

As we will discuss shortly, pain that arises in the CNS is frequently “learned” pain.  In order to learn how to hit a golf ball, speak Swahili, or play the Dobro, you have to practice.  We all remember the old adage; Practice makes Perfect. Unfortunately, that is how it tends to work when it comes to pain.

If you stimulate pain pathways in the Brain & Nerve System long enough, or are exposed to enough stressors in your life (chemical, emotional, dietary, physical, bacterial, viral, parasitic, electro-magnetic, etc), you can alter the way your Brain and Central Nervous System function.  This is an extremely complex scenario that is going to require special treatment as well as time to heal.  It also requires a unique approach.  Because the pain is pathologically locked into the CNS, the method of removing it must specifically target the CNS, as well as the metabolic causes of the pain.  This type of Chronic Pain will requires require some sort of Brain-Based Therapy. 

However, pathological pain syndromes that arise from a malfunctioning CNS are not the chief thrust of this website.  Nor is it my belief that they are the most common cause of Chronic Pain. Although we will spend some time now and then discussing CNS-based pain, this website is specifically devoted to Chronic Pain that is not “locked” into the Brain.



“Simple Nociception” is the simplest type of pain. If someone steps on your toe, it hurts. This is normal, and means that your nervous system is functioning properly.  Get the person off your toe, and the pain goes away —- almost immediately. Simple.  There are several different types of “Nociceptive Pain,” but the one that we are most concerned about on this website is the one that has to do with “deep” musculoskeletal pain, otherwise known as Deep Somatic Pain (Greek “Soma” = body). 

Deep Somatic Pain is pain that originates in tissues that are considered to be “deep” in the body.  Although we do not always think of many of these tissue types as being “deep”, this category includes things like ligaments, tendons, muscles, fascia, blood vessels, and bones.  Remember this, as it will be very important later on. Back to nociception.  There are two main types of Nociceptors

  • Chemical
  • Mechanical  

The Chemical Nociceptors are stimulated by noxious chemicals, the chief of these being something called “inflammation“.  Inflammation is probably not what you thought it was.  Inflammation is the collective name for a group of chemicals manufactured by your body’s Immune System.  They have names like prostaglandins, leukotrienes, histamines, cytokines, kinins, etc, etc, etc).   Although inflammation is at the root of most health problems here in America (Diabetes, Cancer, Fibromyalgia, Endocrine Problems, Thyroid Problems, Arthritis, Heart Disease, and numerous others are all considered to be “Chronic Inflammatory Degenerative Diseases“), you will soon see that “Local Inflammation” (swelling, redness, etc) sometimes gets more credit than it deserves — particularly when it comes to tissues of the Deep Soma.

You must also be aware that exposing microscopic scar tissue to chronic inflammation can potentially hyper-sensitize the nerves within said tissue.  This ‘hypersensitization’ can make the affected nerve tissue up to 1,000 times more pain-sensitive than normal tissue.  Gulp!   Increased tissue acidity (usually caused by hypoxia — “diminished tissue oxygen levels“) is another common form of Chemical Nociception, and most commonly occurs as the result of a junky diet.  However, it can also be caused by relentless Mechanical / Neurological / Immune System Dysfunction as well.

As you might imagine, Mechanical Dysfunction stimulates the Mechanical Nociceptors.  This group of nociceptors is stimulated by constant mechanical stress.  Stretch, tension, mechanical deformation, pressure, etc are the things that cause Mechanical Nociception, which, can in turn cause pain.   In the case of Mechanical Nociception, remove the offending mechanical stressor, and you remove the pain.  Sounds simple, doesn’t it?  It is — sometimes.  Unfortunately, nothing is ever quite as simple as it appears.

Be aware that even Simple Nociceptive Pain can actually become Brain-Based over time.  This is called “Supersensitivity” and is caused by alterations in the Brain and Central Nervous System that perpetuate the pain cycle.  Even though the injured tissue has, according to all of the medical tests, “healed“, it has healed improperly; i.e. microscopic scar tissue.  Although this frequently causes the Deep Somatic Pain that this website is all about, these tissues can actually become Hyper-sensitized.  I probably do not need to tell you that this is really really bad news!

As nerve function and proprioception become increasingly fouled up (more on proprioception shortly), degenerative arthritis and joint deterioration begin to set in. Because of involvement in the Brain or Central Nervous System, this pain is often referred to as “Neuropathic Pain” or “Neruogenic Pain”. 

Sometimes people end up with HYPERALGIA (Stimulus that should cause a little pain, causes extraordinary amounts of pain) or ALLODYNIA (Stimulus which do not normally elicit any pain at all, now cause pain). Sometimes these two overlap. Stay with me and you will begin to understand why.



As we learned a moment ago, scar tissue (yes, even the microscopic kind we will talk about at length shortly) can become hyper-sensitized. Recent scientific research shows that due to increased nerve conductivity and diminished ability to receive oxygen (hypoxia), as well as subsequent tissue acidity and constant mechanical pressure and deformation (we call this restriction); scar tissue can become up to 1,000 times more pain-sensitive than normal tissue!  Did you catch that?  Re-read this paragraph again and let the magnitude of what it is saying sink in.



Think of nerve endings as the twigs at the very end of a tree limb.  Nerves (just like a tree) begin with a large trunk, which forks into smaller and smaller branches until eventually you arrive at the tiny twig (or nerve ending) at the end of the very smallest branches.

If you have ever seen a “topped” tree, you can understand what happens to nerve endings that are found in microscopic scar tissue. Professional Tree Trimmers cut (or “top“) the largest branches just above where the trunk splits into two or three limbs. What happens to these stubs? Instead of having limbs that continue to branch out and divide into ever-smaller limbs in a normal fashion, you get a stub or stump, that in a short matter of time, swells up and has hundreds of tiny twig-like limbs growing from it.  “Topping” stimulates the growth of twigs from the stump.  The injured nerves found in microscopic scar tissue act in much the same way.

Healthy Tree

Photograph of Healthy Tree by SMJ

Topped Tree

Photo by Incomposition

As the larger nerves that are found in soft tissues are injured, you end up with an inordinate number of immature nerve endings (twigs) growing out of an inflamed nerve “stump”.  As you might imagine, extra pain receptors are never a good thing! As I said a moment ago; the latest research is saying that the nerve endings found in scar tissue and microscopic adhesion can become hyper-sensitized up to 1,000 times.  Unfortunately, as you’ll see on the next page, this is just the beginning.

As you should be starting to realize, scar tissue (even the microscopic kind) is bad —- very bad.  An exceedingly common cause of Chronic Pain is the microscopic scarring and adhesion so characteristic of injuries or overuse / abuse to the Elastic, Collagen-Based Connective tissues of the “Deep Soma” — particularly fascia.  Please do yourself a favor.  If you have Chronic Pain that might be arising from the tissues of the Deep Soma, please read the next page.   It is here that you will learn about one of the chief causes of Chronic, Deep Somatic Pain — Fascial Adhesions.


27 responses to “CHRONIC PAIN

  1. Matt

    Hi Dr Schierling, my girlfriend Deborah has been suffering with glutes pain for the past 12 months after sustaining an injury driving a car. She experiences incredible pain after sitting for longer than an hour. We have visited physios, acupuncturists and a bunch of other practitioners.. None of these have provided relief for longer than a few days. She is exhausted and gets quite upset about the whole experience. We are in Perth Western Australia and would appreciate any help you could give us. Thanks Matt

  2. Sylvia

    On 6/1/2010 I had a right breast mastectomy due to having HER2+ stage 3C breast cancer. Before this I had been going several years to a spinal doctor for pain in my right lower back & getting injections.
    They removed 27 lymp nodes with 12 cancerous. I had radiation and IV cancer treatments for a year.
    I’ve had 2 reconstruction surgeries and I’m in extreme pain every day. My chest swells up very bad whenever I do anything even brushing teeth and spams when brushing hair etc.
    When it comes to pain meds, my body doesn’t process them normally. I have to take very strong meds just to live half normally. I have even detox off pain meds for my doctor to see I don’t get off on taking them. I just want to be able take shower without my chest going into spamming & throbbing so bad, I just can’t take it. I went to a lymphoma specialist to try get help- again nothing. Now them, my cancer doctor & last surgeon who did reconstruction has told me I have had so many surgeries that I have to learn live with it/ nothing they can do to help me. The pain doctor doesn’t want give me what it’ll take to keep me out of pain and she knows my body doesn’t process like other people. I don’t want to live in pain forever it messes with your mind after so long. I don’t know what to do anymore. I’m in desperate need of help

  3. Since my last post, I’ve had an MRI and an apt with a RA dr. So I dint have RA. But do have a great deal of osteoarthritis! Literally everywhere! I also have 3 herniated discs in my spine. L3 S1 is the most severe, and is touching the transverse nerve. Tho not significant enough for surgery. So I am giving my chiropractor 6 mths to resolve this. I’ve been going twice a weeks since Nov. No improvement and my chiro who has my MRI report and films, is now thinking I need to be reassessed, and perhaps a different treatment plan. Saw him a couple of days ago and has told me not to come back for two weeks. Not sure why the break in treatment but w/e.
    I’m not likely to get any relief for this pain anytime soon or ever!
    The pelvic pain was described incorrectly in my initial post. It’s not pain that I’ve had for yrs. that’s was the back pain. The pelvic pain occurred after I lifted something that was too heavy and lifted it the wrong way. I knew immediately I had done something. But nothing shows up in the MRI. That was back in Sept I believe. Since then I have had this pelvic pain every single day. This is the pain I believe is caused by adhesions. But it should be noted that I have had so many surgeries that all that is left in my abdomen is my bowel, liver, spleen, but had a hysterectomy 22 yrs ago. My appendix out two yrs prior to that, my gallbladder removed a few yrs ago, and a benign hemangioma tumor in my 11th rib removed that they did not know I had. I woke up one morning bruised from my hip to my armpit. No dr could tell me why and no could find anything on imaging. Three yrs later and this rib just kept breaking yet Drs still were not able to see the break. A needle biopsy was performed which resulted in nothing. It was just hitting bone. Right after that needle biopsy I was sent for a high density ultra sound right away over the exact area of where the needle was inserted. Only then did they discover the rib was broken. I was told it would heal in 3 mths. I was already into my third yr of this rib breaking several times. And it’s agony. I was finally sent to a thoracic surgeon who also said it would heal in three mths. I was so frustrated and in so much pain, I looked at this dr and said, it’s been over 3 yrs that this has happened, another 3 mths isn’t the answer. If you’re not willing to do anything then my time is wasted here. He then gave me the option of taking me to the OR and having the ends of the broken rib cleaned up to encourage healing. Was a one hr surgery with maybe an inch incision.
    However, once he opened my chest and examined the rib he found a rather large hemangioma growing within the rib. So the entire rib was removed and I woke up 4 hrs later with a 6 inch incision and a central line in!
    Since that surgery I’ve had chronic pain in the location of this surgery. Nothing has helped.
    This pelvic pain that I believe is the result of lifting something too heavy is still an everyday thing and nothing has helped. I did have a bladder lift 5 yrs ago using my own graphs. A yr later I had to have surgery again as adhesions has caused a partial blockage with peeing. So that was confirmation I have adhesions. However, I believe that when I lifted that too heavy thing, I must have done something to the stitching that was done to lift the bladder on the right side. I say that because I’ve noticed that ever since this incident occurred, I can no longer hold my bladder when full. I could after the surgery, but not since this incident. So I believe I either tore this lift or there are adhesions in the area causing the lift to not function as it was, and is the cause of this brutal pain.
    As mentioned none of the surgeons I’ve seen regarding this issue to date are willing to do a scope to see if there are in fact adhesions and or damage to this permanent stitching lift of my bladder.
    My family physician who knows me very well, and can see how much pain I’m in, he has referred me to another surgeon to see if this surgeon will take the risk of doing a scope and if there are any adhesions he will cut them, as well as see if the bladder stitch from the lift is in the correct location. I see this surgeon next month. If this surgeon refuses to do this, I don’t know what I’m going to do. I’m becoming depressed, angry, and frankly pissed off. It’s my body, why should I have to beg to have this done. I don’t care if cutting adhesions create more. Those new ones may not cause this degree of pain, and if I have to have them cut every yr to be pain free at least in my pelvic area then so what! It’s a risk I’m willing to take. But we as patients have no say in this type of treatment. It has to be a proven problem before they will go in.
    If I had the money I’d be going to the US and paying a surgeon to just fo it! Because I’m not kidding when I say I’m ready to stab myself in that area so they have to go in. I don’t think I have what it takes to harm myself but my god, how much pain and suffering must we endure before someone friggin does something.
    I’ve read threw all the blogs etc but given you are in the US it’s not helpful for me. Apart from referring to some of the findings you’ve documented.
    I’m so frustrated and my quality of life sucks! I’m 51, have always been very active and able to do almost anything. But these past few yrs have been a night mare. And frankly I’m so sick of it I’m at my wits end!
    And if that wasn’t enough, I have also somehow messed up my left rotor cuff. My bone scan showed a torn right rotor cuff but my right one doesn’t hurt. My left is agony! Has been for months and only getting worse. It’s naturally the arm I use to sleep on to. Under my pillow to cup my head. And no matter what I do to try to prevent myself from doing that when I sleep, I always still wake up with that arm above my shoulders and under my pillow as that’s how I sleep. So upon wakening, I have incredible pain in my shoulder and need to use my other hand to slowly and carefully get my arm down. Can not lift it on my own above my shoulder without using my other hand and it’s agony. There is also a lump that has developed about 2 inches down my arm from the rotor cuff. It just never ends for me.
    It’s so frustrating in Canada that with the excellent healthcare we have here, I can not get what I need or at least want to try done! I’m desperate for relief and have been on narcotics far too long! Cause that’s every Drs answer. Even the 3 pain clinics I’ve been too didn’t help and narcotics were prescribed. They did some kind of injections for months to try and deal with the chronic pain I’ve had since the rib surgery. The only relief I got from those treatments was when they knocked me out to do the injections!
    So I’m screwed. Have no positive results to share. My MRI report was 2 pages long with issues. But none that can actually be fixed as I’m told the herniated discs are not herniated enough for surgery.
    Don’t get me wrong, Im not a surgery junkie. I hate having any kind of surgery. But if that’s what I’ll take to aliviate my pain even if it’s temporary and would require annual surgery to cut adhesions, then sign me up! Cause doing that surgery via a scope is nothing for me.
    Yes I have a complicated medical history. And ended up in CC ICU a yr ago as I was in septic shock and didn’t know it until I almost died twice. The reason for the septic shock was again dr error and not listening to me.
    I’m not stupid. I’m an educated individual and have back ground in the medical field. Just no degree.
    Multiple allergies to antibiotics, a skin disease called granuloma annular. Which I’m taking a very low does of chemo orally for in the past 3 yrs. took 4 biopsies to get the right conclusion. But it’s not malignant. My specialist calls it a non malignant form of skin cancer. It’s the strangest rash I’ve ever seen. And tho the meds have help ever so slightly, this rash is not going away and is uncharacteristically itchy. Which is uncommon for this specific disease. So now I’m considering stopping that chemo as it’s not providing the results I need and the meds cause my hair to thin so badly. And I refuse to cut my hair short. I love long hair. But it’s so thin now I am so self conscious of it. So now I need to decide if I want to continue with these meds, or just tolerate the itchy rash. Cause I’m doing that anyway with the meds. So what’s the point. And there’s no other treatment.
    I was also diagnosed with fibermyagia yrs ago at the pain clinic. But I firmly believe these Drs diagnose people with this when they have no other answer to provide.
    So you can see and hear my frustration. And my quality of life sucks!
    It’s good to read some positive results here. Just wish I could include a positive result to my issues. But not likely to happen.
    I’ve also discovered that most Drs here do not believe in adhesions or treating them. More education is required for this within the medical field.
    So I have a messed up back which my chiro seems to be giving up on, this extreme pain in my pelvis, a messed up shoulder, and by the way, my MRI showed another hemangioma tumor was present in my spine. But given its still quite small, I’m not to the place where I want it removed. These are benign tumors . Vascular tumors. And unless it grows I will leave it be. Besides , no surgeon is going to remove it at this stage. But is likely contributing to some of the pain I have where it’s located. But nothing in comparison to the other pain I’m trying to deal with that I’ve had for yrs.
    I still feel that these types of surgeries should be the patients choice, not the physicians, or surgeons.
    I also have an enlarged thickened lymph node tail in my right breast. I’ve had it for yrs. And forced to have annual mammograms which always say it probably benign. PROBABLY??? Yet they are not willing to further investigate or remove it. Just brutal. Probably benign isn’t good enough for me. I want this damn thing out as this tail they speak of is new. So rather then having to expose myself to annual mammograms, I’d rather just have it taken out and analyzed to be 100% sure it’s benign. But nope! Come back in 8 weeks to see if it’s gotten smaller.
    I’m beyond frustrated at this point. This chronic pain in most of my body is taking its toll and is affecting every aspect of my life. I’ve lost a ton of weight as well with no explanation. And not complaining about the weight loss, it’s just another symptom of whatever is going on in my body.
    And all my inflammatories have returned to normal since the 10 % change of serving the septic shock.
    I’m sure much of my issues are inflammatory, but yrs of medication to try and control inflammation, but nothing has worked.
    Sorry for writing a novel, but it’s a very lonely feeling dealing with my years of illnesses, is affecting my private and intimacy life, and I’m getting no where! Wish at times I lived in the US and could pay a dr to do the procedures I’m comfortable doing, and want them done. But no go!
    If this new surgeon provides positive results, I’ll let y’all know. But my gut says he won’t do anything! Sadly!
    Thanks to those who take the time to read all this. It’s appreciated and any suggestions regarding any of the conditions listed here, are welcomed.
    But keep in mind, I live in Ontario Canada not the US. And don’t have the funds to go to the states to get treatment there! Pretty pathetic if you ask me!
    Take care everyone. Tho I’m not strong right now, the rest of you just stay strong and have faith. Sadly I no longer do!
    God Bless.

    • Wow Donna,

      I really feel for you. Unfortunately, I see way too much of this kind of thing. Because this is a systemic inflammatory problem, you will have to deal with it as such. Go to my Doctor Schierling dot com site and do a search for the word “Exit”. Read the post, but pay special attention to the word “blueprint” (click on it). With these sorts of problems, doctors are, for the most part, clueless. Don’t get me wrong. They do what they do quite well. But you require a different approach. The only way to potentially solve (or even improve) a situation like yours is to step out of the box.

      I wish you well Donna,
      Dr. Russ

  4. Kim

    I started having chronic neck and shoulder pain on my right side about 7 years ago, in 2009. At that time I was 28 and had been in two rear endings, one in 2002 and the other in 2006. I went to the ER both times and since there was nothing wrong with the bones of my spine, I thought I was fine. When the pain started I was not involved in any recent trauma so the PA who treated me prescribed muscle relaxers and told me to get a massage. It wasn’t until I started having symptoms down my right arm, such as tingling and numbness, that she sent me for an MRI. The MRI showed mild Degenerative Disc Disease between C4-C6. I went to a Spinal Group for an evaluation and the Physician Assistant told me the group’s special spinal physical therapy program was the best treatment for my pain. Essentially the program was building core muscles through weight machines. I incurred more pain and symptoms with exercises such as lat pull downs and this one where you push a pad with head to work the neck muscles. I contacted the PA who evaluated me regarding the increased symptoms and his response was “Well then the problem isn’t your neck….goodbye”. From that time I had seen several different specialists, and spent a few thousand dollars, trying to find out what was causing my pain. One day someone suggested I see a neurologist who diagnosed me with TOS and myofascial pain. He referred me to a pain management Doctor at a reputable rehab center. I was skeptical at first, thinking this was going to be another waste of time, but by the end of my visit I finally had an answer and most of all a treatment plan that involved more than ibuprofen (I wanted to strangle the doctors every time they told me to take an NSAID). My chronic pain is due to trigger points from whiplash injury. In addition to my two previous accidents, I was rear ended a 3rd time in 2013 where my VW Jetta was nearly totaled by a SUV. I have already had two treatments of Trigger Point Needling and I feel some relief with the referred pain and symptoms. I really wish ER doctors were more informative, had I known about the underlying soft tissue injuries I would have sought treatment to avoid future damage, especially to my spine. Since my first MRI in 2009, my Degenerative Disc Disease has worsened and is now from C2-C7. I also have narrowing of the formina at C5, and arthritis from C5-C7. I know this is a long winded story, but I am hoping my experience will help people seek the right treatment so they don’t have to go through 7 years of pain because most doctors are dismissive about soft tissue injuries.

    • Hello Kim,

      Your post-accident medical experience is nothing more than standard. It happens all day, every day, 365 days a year. It’s the norm. As to why the therapy might not have helped more than it did, HERE is a potential explanation. Also, DJD rarely causes pain — or at least the amount of pain people like yourself are trying to cope with. Thanks for the post Stephanie. Your point is valid. If people are not willing to step out of the box that is standard medical fare, they’ll never get better. Oh; they’ll be given tons of drugs that might make a very temporary difference. But as to real relief; it’s a pipe dream. Continue your foray outside the box. Head over to my Doctor Schierling dot com site (it’s where my blog is) and learn everything you can about Inflammation. Solve Inflammation, and you have largely nipped your problem in the bud.

      Dr. Russ

  5. Nancy

    I have from time to time pain just st below my hysterectomy scar. Could this be scar adhesions

  6. I entered a really long comment and history regarding my chronic pain which took over an hr to write and it got lost. So can’t do it again. But my point was I have this chronic pain in my groin and pelvic area for yrs now and no one can diagnose it. Tho one dr did indicate it was likely scar tissue and adhesions due to the several surgeries I’ve had. But no one will go in and cut them or remove them citing it will only create more of them. I’m in so much pain that I’ve considered harming myself so that they have to go in. That’s how desperate I am. And had the original post not been lost somehow, you’d understand.
    And as I live in Ontario Canada, there nothing any of these doctors listed can do. But after reading your blog I’m convinced that it is scar tissue and adhesions causing this severe pain! Any suggestions are welcomed. But seriously desperate enough now to maybe stab myself there so they have to go in! Pretty sad really.
    Wish that long post had not gotten lost, as it was very detailed and would of given you a better understanding of why I feel as I do currently. But don’t have the energy to re write it.
    Thanks anyway.

    • Post-surgical adhesions are a different animal — particularly if talking about female surgeries. This is because surgeries to “clean out” the adhesions lead to more adhesions. You might do well to find a good pelvic floor PT.

      Dr. Russ

  7. Kirby

    Hello, I had pelvic surgery for endometriosis and about 6 weeks later I was crippled with servere pain and have been left with burning pain on the left side of my pelvis and bladder irritation/pressure. Iv been told my nerves have gone into overdrive and are irritated. I didn’t have any of this pain prior to my surgery. Could this be fascial adhesions causing this nerve irritation. Is the pelvis something you treat?

    • Hello Kirby,

      The very first thing I want you to do is to read THIS POST that has a study on endometriosis in it. Also, yesterday’s blog post at addresses one potential mechanism for post-surgical problems such as this. I do lots of work in the pelvis area, but I am not a pelvic floor therapist. As for the irritated nerves, my sincerest wish is that this is fleeting and not the beginnings of CENTRALIZATION.

      I hope this was helpful for you.
      Sincerely, Dr. Russ

      • Kirby

        Thank you so much for your reply. Centralization is what my pain specialist believes it could be. I find it hard to believe that my nerves could be centralized when Iv only had this pain for 3 months, 6 weeks after my surgery. In your experience do people with centralization heal? I’m finding this all very confusing. Thank you Kirby

      • First, read some of the articles I have written about CENTRAL SENSITIZATION. Second, if this is what this problem is, I would strongly advise you to find a Functional Neurologist trained by the Carrick Institute.

        Dr. Russ

  8. Evelyn

    Dear Dr. Schierling, I have read most of your treatments. I dont see my problem being treated. I lost my leg 1985, since then I have chronic scar tissue. It seems to be getting worse, now my right arm gets numb. The scar tissue has spread all over my body mostly near the skin. I have not been able to find any doctor who will listen to me. I was in hospital for 4 months and it shrunk, however I have gained the weight back and the internal scar tissue came back by the way, my doctor says there is no good research on this problem. Can you help? I look forward to your reply

    • Hello Evelyn,

      Not sure how losing a limb is causing systemic Fascial Densification and Adhesion. I would say that the very first thing you need to do is go to my blog, find “Inflammation” in the key words on the right side of the page, and start reading. There is a potent link between Inflammation and Fibrosis (the medical name for microscopic Scar Tissue).

      Dr. Russ

  9. p greathouse

    have you ever treated someone with Marfan Syndrome?

    • Hello,
      Marfans actually runs in my family and I have had several relatives pass away (young) with it. I have treated people with Marfans before, but I do not treat Marfans itself. Hope that clears things up.

      Dr. Russ

  10. My knees were hurting bad every time that I played soccer. It was not long until they hurt all the time. I finally told my dad, and he told me that I was showing signs of Osgood Schlatter’s Syndrome. He treated my legs two times. No more knee pain. Michaela Schierling, Age 11

  11. This is a great website! I had long-term pain. I had scar tissue in my lower back, and am a new person after only a few treatments. It works. Thank you!!

  12. Terry Turner

    The treatment worked wonders for the pain I had in my hand. For 7 years I had thought that it was arthritis in my thumb, but it wasn’t, it was scar tissue. Dr. Schierling treated my hand and it took away the pain. Thanks for all you do.

  13. Cindy Russell

    This is a great website, and I hope a lot of people visit, read, and find help. Dr. Schierling treated scar tissue in my back, neck, and shoulders about 10 years ago to relieve chronic pain from an old injury (I had surgery for it) that several years of constant chiropractic adjustments could not help for more than a few days. And it worked!! I have had no more problems in the treated areas since. Thanks!!!

  14. Stacey Redman

    Love this website Doc! We are so thankful to be pain free and have our lives back. Thanks so much and God bless you and Tracy 🙂

  15. Linda Jack

    Thanks for the info doc. As we know, the scar tissue like I had really can do a number on one’s life. So many folks have no idea what it entails and how painful it can be. Keep the info flowing to the masses Dr. You do a good service.

  16. Sean Hill

    Thanks Doc. This is very informative and I’m sure that is what is going on with my body. When I was Active Duty, I was in several explosions that have caused the damage that led to where I am now. I would like to have some more treatment done soon.

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