The Extensor Muscles of the wrist and forearm are found on the backhand side (opposite the palm side).  If you pretend like you are revving a motorcycle, you will feel the Flexor Muscles and tendons ball up in the forearm.  Unlike the FLEXOR TENDONS on the opposite side of the arm, the extensor tendons are not really related to Carpal Tunnel SyndromeHowever, they are highly related to a form of Elbow Tendinosis called LATERAL EPICONDYLITIS (Tennis Elbow).






Don’t leave this page without understanding the critical difference between Tendinitis and Tendinosis (HERE).


2 responses to “WRIST (Forearm) EXTENSOR TENDINOSIS

  1. Rony

    Hi Dr how are you.i am plumber for about 15 years and i am 36 years old and live in sydney Australia. I am been having issues with both my hands in the foerarm and wrist areas.i have mild carpel tunnel and mild golfers elbow in my right hand.my symptoms feel like my foerarm and wrists are tight and they swell up at times and can notice redness especially on the right hand.my hands feel tired at times and just dont feel normal with using them.i have done mri scans on my hands and found nothing except mentioned above.been to a few physios and no improvement.done a few natural approaches and no improvemeng.i do not know what to do and more has became hard and just trying to use my hands without noticing pain.been to general Doctors and no help just tell me to take NIADS and not much help.is there any way you can help me with my problem.thank you

    • Go to my blog over at DoctorSchierling dot com and start reading about Inflammation. I tell you how to solve it without taking NSAIDS (do a search on my site on NSAIDS and I promise it will freak you out a bit).

      Dr. Russ

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