In twenty five years of practice, I have yet to see a case of “Tennis Elbow” caused from playing tennis.  However, I treat lots of people suffering with Tennis Elbow. The proper name for Tennis Elbow is Elbow Extensor Tendinosis (sometimes called LATERAL EPICONDYLITIS).  If you are struggling with this common problem but do not know the difference between Tendonitis and Tendinosis, please take a moment to visit our TENDINITIS -vs- TENDINOSIS page.

All of the major extensor muscles of the elbow have one attachment point.  This point is called the Common Extensor Tendon and is found at the elbow’s Lateral Epicondlyle.  Let me show you two ways to find it. 

  • Hold both arms out in front of you like Frankenstein.  Now bend one arm 90 degrees and grab hold of your other elbow.  Your middle two fingers will probably be grasping in the area of the Common Extensor Tendon. 
  • Pretend that you are revving a motorcycle. Grab the hand throttle and give it some gas.  Now really crank that throttle open.  As your knuckles move back toward your forearm, you will begin to see and feel a ball of muscle on the outside of your elbow.  This is the Common Extensor Tendon.

The Common Extensor Tendon (Lateral Epicondyle) is the most common place to find Tendinosis in the elbow, and is where all of the various elbow extensor muscles attach.  Extensor Tendinosis of the Elbow is extremely common and is caused chiefly by overuse.  This overuse is usually in the form of things that involve gripping, grabbing, pulling, or twisting.

Lateral Epicondylitis Tennis Elbow

Three years of struggling with this problem is what finally led me to the TISSUE REMODELING TREATMENT that I have been using in my clinic since Y2K.  You can read the complete story on our ABOUT US page.  I also have hundreds of videos of real people who have found quick relief from Tendinosis over at our PATIENT TESTIMONIAL PAGE.    And for those who need it, I have a page on GOLFER’S ELBOW (MEDIAL EPICONDYLITIS) as well.

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  1. Esko

    Thank you has helped identify my pain. Cheers Esko

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