Piriformis Tendinosis is included in my PIRIFORMIS SYNDROME page.



  1. Wendy

    I was doing heavy weights on my legs at the gym (hip add/ and, leg press, etc.) last year around this time and started to feel a dull pain deep in my left butt. The pain was bearable so I ignored it until it began to travel down the back of my legs to my toes. The pain got unbearable and made me limp, so I went to my doctor in July after googling my symptoms and reading this page. He ignored my symptoms and diagnosed me with sciatica despite the fact that I had no back pain. I tried PT, Mobid, tramadol, flexorall, Lyrica and still in severe pain. Have appt with sports med doctor next week. Pain now concentrated in left calf and ankle. Can’t walk too long without pain, and my shoes if not cushioned make pain more acute. I really need help.


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