Although “Golfer’s Elbow” (not to be confused with the far more common “TENNIS ELBOW“) is relatively common, I have ever seen a case of Golfer’s Elbow that was actually caused by golf.  Also known as Elbow Flexor Tendinosis or MEDIAL EPICONDYLITIS, it is usually the result of overuse.  Although it can be caused by a variety of things, the most common group of people that I see with this problem are weightlifters who have over-trained their biceps. 

You can find the Common Flexor Tendon (Medial Epicondyle) by holding your arms out in front of you like Frankenstein.  Now bend one arm at 90 degrees and grab your other elbow.  Your thumb will be in the area the bony knob known as the Medial Epicondyle.   To learn more about the way I treat these problems in my clinic, take a look at our TISSUE REMODELING PAGE or our PATIENT TESTIMONIALS.


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