“Bicep” is the Latin word for Two Headed.  This is because there are two muscles which make up the Biceps Muscle (the long head and the short head).  Many diagnostic mistakes are made because BICEP TENDINOSIS is commonly misdiagnosed as a ROTATOR CUFF PROBLEM or SUBACROMIAL BURSITIS

In the following pictures, I want you to notice the proximity of the upper attachment of the bicep muscle to both the subacromial bursa (the reason it is frequently confused with bursitis) and the muscles that make up the rotator cuff (the reason it is frequently misdiagnosed as a rotator cuff problem).



Biceps TendinosisBicep Tendinosis


The bottom line, TENDINOPATHY is serious stuff!  It can cause dysfunction, atrophy, DEGENERATIVE ARTHRTIS, and in some cases, a complete rupture of the biceps tendon.   Make sure and check out our TESTIMONIAL PAGE to read about patients who have been helped with shoulder problems just like yours.


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