Achilles tendon problems can be severe.  Because tendinosis can lead to a complete tendon rupture, you must understand TENDINITIS -vs- TENDINOSIS

The Achilles tendon is the combined tendon of the two muscles found in your calf, the gastrocnemius and the soleus.  These two powerful muscles attach to the back and bottom of the heel (calcaneus), allowing you to raise up on the balls of your feet.  Although anyone can experience Achilles Tendinopathy, it most frequently occurs in athletes. 

Bear in mind that the Achilles Tendon is intimately related to PLANTAR FASCIITIS.



Tendinosis of the massive Achilles Tendon can be a potentially serious problem.  If the tendon ruptures, you are looking at a difficult and painful rehab.  Ask anyone that has gone through it.   To learn more about how I treat Achilles Tendinopathies, see our TISSUE REMODELING PAGE or take a look at our PATIENT TESTIMONIAL PAGE.


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