Why in the world did I include a category like Mystery Pain along side everything else?  The truth is, most doctors have a tough time admitting they don’t know what’s wrong with you.  This was recently reinforced by a patient we were able to help with a problem caused by FASCIAL ADHESIONS that she had been to any number of physicians for, and been run through any number of tests, including several MRI’S.   The problem was blamed on everything from her age, to Depression, to who-knows-what.  Her frustration was palpable. 

In a day and age where it’s not uncommon to see people (and their insurance companies) dropping six figures trying to solve a certain problem, it is critical to realize that Mystery Pain is real.  Only it’s not called Mystery Pain.  The medical community refers to as M.U.P.S.  MUPS stands for Medically Unexplained Physical Symptoms, and according to doctors who are in the know, accounts for many — maybe even the majority — of our nation’s doctor visits. 

If you want to understand Mystery Pain better, listen to our patients discuss the subject.  To see real people who have been helped with their Mystery Pain, take a look at a few of our hundreds of TESTIMONIALS.



2 responses to “MYSTERY PAIN

  1. Michelle

    Hi there,
    As I have done hundreds of times over the last 10 years, I won’t write my story here to ask and see if you can help MEEEE! However after reading some of your writings here I will ask you if you know of anyone in Australia who you would recommend that does your work or similar, as I feel I may have hope if there were.
    Otherwise I will continue to pray for direction, (which I will in any case).

    Kind Regards
    Michelle from Australia

    • Hello Michelle,

      I wish I did know someone down under but I don’t. I am curious, however, what your problem is. If you find an old email with history that you sent to someone else, send it to my contact page over at Doctor Schierling dot com. Would love to take a look at it. Not knowing anything about you, I would suggest you take a look at my recent post over on that site called Death by Fibrosis.

      Wish you well,

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