Almost everyone has endured a headache, and has at least some kind of idea of what they are like. There is however, a significant portion of the population for which headaches are more than just an occasional discomfort. For those of you who truly suffer with chronic headaches, I sympathize with you. At the very least, chronic headaches diminish quality of life. And at their worst —– they are debilitating, leaving you completely unable to function.

Most people who deal with regular, severe headaches have seen numerous doctors, neurologists, and other health care practitioners. They have also had many different tests (brain scans, CT, MRI, etc) in an attempt to diagnose the headaches.

Typically, the patient is told something like, “Thank God Susan, you don’t have a brain tumor”. Then the headache is given a fancy medical name and you, the patient, are told that there is little that can be done, aside from taking as assortment of dangerous medications for the rest of your lifetime in an attempt to control the pain.

What is true with the rest of the body is just as true with headaches.  Symptomatic care is temporary at best. Because the underlying cause of the headache is rarely addressed by the medications that your doctor has prescribed, the symptoms return over and over and over again. And then there are all the side-effects —- not to mention the “Rebound Headaches” —– headaches actually caused by the medications themselves. True relief of headache symptoms involves discovering the cause or causes of the headaches, and is often a multifaceted approach.

Of course you have to clean up your diet.  Additives, preservatives, dyes, excitotoxins (MSG, Aspartame, etc), pesticides, herbicides, fluoride, chlorine, and many other chemicals, have the ability to cause headaches.  I could write a book on this topic, and supply lots of good information on this topic on www.DoctorSchierling.com. However…..



Numerous studies show a distinct relationship between functional neck problems (loss of normal motion of the cervical or upper thoracic spine) and headaches. Each and every vertebrate of the neck must move properly in relationship to the vertebrate above it and below it.  This is why Chiropractic Adjustments have proven so effective in alleviating many people’s headaches (INTERACTIVE NERVE CHART).

In the same way that the vertebrates must have good motion, the same is true for all of the region’s soft, connective tissues (chiefly fascia) as well.  Although chiropractic adjustments attempt to deal with neck pain and / or headaches that can be caused by loss of normal joint motion (and for the most part do a pretty good job), sometimes they do not.

I spent the first 10 years of practice wondering why one patient would improve so greatly with chiropractic adjustments; and similar patients — patients with seemingly identical signs, symptoms, orthopedic and neurological exam findings, x-rays, blood profiles, nutritional histories, etc, would not. 

One of the biggest scientific breakthroughs of recent history, allows us to both find, and remove the microscopic adhesions and fascial scarring that prevents such a large number of people from “holding” adjustments. What I typically find with patients whose underlying problem is fascial adhesion of the neck muscles, is an inability to hold adjustment more than a few days at the most — and often no more than a few hours. 

These are the people who respond well to chiropractic adjustments — for little awhile.  Read Marky’s testimonial.  She drove up from Dallas a year ago to see us.  She had suffered with chronic headaches for nearly 40 years, and the only thing that helped her was being adjusted over and over and over.  I treated her twice (Tissue Remodeling & Upper Cervical adjustment).  She came back a couple of weeks ago for another treatment and said the has 90% fewer headaches than she did a year ago (much less intense also).

Once the microscopic scarring is removed from the muscle tissue and fascia that surrounds the cervical spine, people’s Range of Motion improves dramatically, and proprioceptive function begins to return.  A significant improvement in motion / function, usually translates into a significant improvement in the ability to hold adjustment for a much longer period of time.  What does this usually translate into?  Less headache, of course!


Be aware that sometimes Migraine Headaches have little to do with an injury to, or problem with the neck, and everything to do with an injury or problem with the brain, gut, or both. We can resolve numerous cases of Migraine Headaches quickly and easily, but if you have tried 2-3 treatments with our TISSUE REMODELING TREATMENT coupled with adjustments, and seen no change in your condition, there is a strong probability that your problem is Brain-Based. There is still hope for you.

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One response to “HEADACHES

  1. Sasha

    I had dealt with non-stop headaches for 2 years. They would just linger from day to day. I had actually forgotten what it was like to live a day without my head hurting constantly. While Dr. Schierling was working on my neck and shoulders during my FIRST Tissue Remodeling treatment, I could feel the headache leaving! That was in 2004 and I have not had a headache linger since then, praise the Lord! It only took 3 Tissue Remodeling treatments ’til all of the scar tissue was gone!

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