Although it certainly does not happen each and every time; releasing FASCIAL ADHESIONS of the spine can not only relieve Chronic Pain, it has the potential to bring about radical neurological changes as well (HERE’S WHY).  Some of the changes that I have witnessed first hand in my clinic include things like:

  • VERTIGO (Dizziness): Vertigo is a type of dizziness where one feels like one is “moving” even when they aren’t.  There are numerous causes of vertigo including certain types of Migraine Headaches, positional inner ear issues, Ménière’s Disease, and several others.
  • TINNITUS: Tinnitus is the perception of sound in the absence of any external stimulus that would produce sound.  This sound can be ringing, humming, chirping, or practically any other sort of sound.  Tinnitus is not itself a disease, but is indicative that something has gone haywire in the nerve system.
  • HEARING PROBLEMS:  Hearing problems can be related to both Vertigo and Tinnitus.  Some hearing problems are caused by exposure to loud noises (I can’t help you with that sort of hearing loss).  However, we have seen some absolute miracles with restoration of hearing that has a neurological basis (HERE is one).
  • VISUAL PROBLEMS:  This category covers a lot of ground.  It is fascinating to note that the world renowned Neurologist, DR. FRED CARRICK, began mapping blind spots to determine whether sub clinical brain lesions were present.  Be aware that both Tinnitus, and Vertigo can present with Nystagmus.  Nystagmus are involuntary movements of the eye, and typically indicate some sort of neurological problem is present. 
  • PROBLEMS WITH THE SENSE OF TASTE: Taste is related to smell.
  • PROBLEMS WITH THE SENSE OF SMELL:  Smell is related to taste.

If Adjustments and Tissue Remodeling do not take care of the problem, your problem is likely BRAIN-BASED.



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