Chronic Mid Back Pain can be caused by many things, and is frequently associated with Chronic Neck Pain.  Some of the contributing factors include being hunched over a computer keyboard all day, driving for a living, heavy and repetitive work, sports injuries, Motor Vehicle Accidents, and numerous others. 

The Upper Back is made up of about a dozen muscles that attach to the thoracic vertebrate and corresponding ribs.   Because these muscles attach to the spine; when they become microscopically scarred, they lock the spine up as well.  Of course this can cause pain, but it can also cause other problems that you might never associate with the back.




If you are one of the people who can find no relief for upper back pain, or if you cannot seem to “hold” an upper back adjustment for more than a couple of days, there is a good possibility that microscopic scarring is the culprit.  Learn more by visiting our FASCIAL ADHESIONS PAGE.


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