The skull is covered in Fascia known as an APONEUROSIS.   Because Fascia does not image on even the most technologically advanced imaging techniques such as MRI (HERE), these problems tend to go largely unrecognized — or are thought to be HEADACHES.

FASCIAL ADHESIONS caused by car wrecks, horse accidents, fights, abuse, or any one of hundreds of other reasons, can wreak havoc on people’s ability to function and quality of life.  If you suspect you have Skull Pain as opposed to Chronic Headaches, make absolutely sure to check out my NUMEROUS ARTICLES on the subject.  This same link is where you’ll find my information on Face Pain.


2 responses to “SKULL PAIN

  1. Sharon Roberts

    I had a MRI (2/27/2014) with contrast and was told everything looked fine. I never have headaches. So it is difficult for me to describe the feeling. It is not pain! I had a mengenomia removed over 20 yrs ago. It was over my right eye and caused swelling of the optic nerve. After a yr. everything was back to normal. I am now 69 and am experiencing a strange feeling/headache. The feeling is like I have a hat on that is two sizes to small. I have noticed over the years that the seam in my skull has changed. Can you recommend where I seek further help. The MRI was ordered by my eye physician.

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