Microscopic scar tissue, FASCIAL RESTRICTIONS & ADHESIONS, and TENDINOPATHIES of all sorts; whether caused by repetitive injuries or trauma, are bad news! They must be dealt with if you want to have any chance of a functional recovery. If microscopic scarring is not treated, it will cause restrictions in the underlying tissues, as well as a loss of strength and joint ROM that will eventually cause rapid and massive DEGENERATION of the affected area. Think I am over-exaggerating?  Those of you suffering with Chronic Pain know exactly what I am talking about!

As you have already learned from my website, scar tissue and adhesions are a chief cause of numerous pain syndromes, NEUROLOGICAL PROBLEMS, TENDINITIS (all types), OSGOOD SCHLATTER’S SYNDROME, CARPAL TUNNEL SYNDROME, PIRIFORMIS SYNDROME, ROTATOR CUFF PROBLEMS, dysfunctions of the wrists, hands, feet, ankles, elbows, knees, shoulder and even the spine (particularly the NECK; often causing CHRONIC HEADACHES). I could go on and on. For a more complete list, go HERE.

In my TISSUE REMODELING TREATMENT, I use specialized instruments to break the knotted, knurled, twisted, restricted scar tissues. When we break these tissues, we also break or rupture the tiniest bleed vessels supplying the tissue (even scar tissue has to have a blood supply). These vessels are call capillaries and when we break the capillary bed, they leak a small amount of blood into the tissue itself. This microscopic amount of internal bleeding is otherwise known as a bruise.

I well realize that the bruising makes this treatment look brutal. Understand however, you control how intense your treatment is. If you can tolerate having more scar tissue broken, I break more. If your tolerance for having tissue broken is not high, you will have to make a couple of extra trips to my office.  No big deal.  Either way, you control how intense your treatment is.  Do not freak out over the bruise. 

The truth is, many people love to show off their bruise.  I used to jokingly tell my local Tissue Remodeling patients to tell people that they had been hit by a bus, or were run over by a crazed steer.  But I do so much of this treatment now that everyone just rolls their eyes and says, “Yeah right.  I know where you’ve been.  You’ve been to that crazy chiropractor over in Mountain View. 5



As the body starts to metabolize the Red Blood Cells, literally reabsorbing them, the bruise will go through a series of color changes. It will turn from red to purple, purple to black & blue, black & blue to green, and green to yellow before finally turning a brownish skin tone and fading completely away. This bruising is not something to be afraid of or alarmed by. It is normal for the area to develop post-treatment bruising.

Some people are “bruisers” and they might look like they were run over by a Mack Truck (hey, it’s a great way to earn some sympathy points). Other people barely bruise at all. Bottom line; everyone is different. Although a bruise can look ugly and create a lot of attention, it allows you to visualize the restrictions that have been creating physical impairment and chronic pain. It also allows you to see how you are progressing in the healing process. You will notice as you continue your care, and healing takes place; that the area that was originally restricted becomes much easier to move (by looking at our PATIENT TREATMENT DIARY, you can see that this usually occurs very quickly!).

So, in the case of our TISSUE REMODELING, bruising really is a “good” thing. It is a normal part of getting better, and shows that we have been effective in breaking up adhesions and microscopic scar tissue.

You must remember that your health care is a “Team Effort”. Just like a broken bone, your body will heal from this “CONTROLLED TRAUMA” whether you assist it or not. Your compliance in following instructions and following your specific STRETCHING PROTOCOL will determine whether the treated area will heal correctly or incorrectly. Without your cooperation, your results will be greatly compromised, you will not pull the adhesion apart, and the injured tissue will heal back into the twisted “clump” that you brought in here originally. Avoid this by stretching!

Beyond the required stretching, remember the advice on the handouts; No heavy lifting for at least a few days, no OTC or prescription anti-inflammatory medications such as Tylenol or Ibuprofen (see our ANTI-INFLAMMATORY PAGE), and no local heat (see our COLD -vs- HEAT PAGE). Also make sure to drink plenty of water to flush the toxins that are sometimes released when we break a scar, and be sure to take a look at THE BEST NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS FOR HEALING INJURED CONNECTIVE TISSUES.


This was after the first treatment of a woman who was involved in a severe MVA (both vehicles totaled).  Look closely. The little lines are microscopic Fascial Tearing.  This patient, like most with similar amounts of Fascial Adhesion, had a tremendous response to her first treatment.  After just one treatment she had no headache and neck / upper back pain. Her second treatment was even better.  By the way, she had received previous Chiropractic Adjustments with little or no long-term changes.


This is a “Lateral Epicondylitis” that is actually made up of both Fascial Adhesions and Tendinosis.

I won’t tell you that the treatment is not uncomfortable.  But surprisingly enough, it’s not nearly as bad as it looks.  The thing is, people who struggle with Chronic Pain on a daily basis don’t care.  They would gladly let you beat them with an axe handle if they thought it could help.  In order to get a better idea of what our patients think of this, please browse a few of our PATIENT TESTIMONIALS.


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