An Aponeruosis (sometimes referred to in Gray’s Anatomy as an “Aponeurotica“) is essentially a flattened out tendon.  Most of the time Aponeuroticae are simply referred to as Fascia.  Instead of writing about it, it is much easier to show you a few examples.


Plantar Fasciitis is a common problem.


The Palmar Fascia or “Palmar Aponeurosis” is analagous to the Plantar Aponeurosis above.


The entire top of the head is an Aponeurosis. I have found many cases of scar tissue in this area.


Although I call it Abdominal Fascia in the office, all of the white stuff that you see is technically called the Abdominal Aponeurosis.


Notice how much fascia is in this picture of the groin area. You can see that Dr. Gray (Gray’s Anatomy) has labeled this as an “Aponeurosis”.



The bottom line is that no matter what you call it (fascia, tendon, aponeurosis), it is basically the same stuff — ELASTIC, COLLAGEN-BASED CONNECTIVE TISSUE, and we fix it in largely the same way.   You can learn more about this process by browsing our FASCIA or TENDINOSIS pages.


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