Because I am asked the same questions over and over and over again, I needed a resource to help me handle the incredible volume of email and blog comments I receive on a daily basis.  That would be the COLLAGEN SUPER-PAGE.  If you don’t find what you’re after there, you will undoubtedly find it on our FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS PAGE.

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  1. Lonnie

    Hello my name is Lonnie,
    My story is long, but I’ll keep it as short as possible. I’m 55 yrs old. I’ve had spinal problems since high school. Sports related disc rupture at L5. Then a work related bulge at L 3/4 when I was 45. I know the pain and symptoms that go along with all of this. I was involved in a rear end collision that bulged T5 and 8 in 2010. They both required surgery. Since that time I’ve always said that I thought I had a problem at T10. Which brings me to the question for you. This winter I had a bad cold. Lots of heavy coughing. I remember the night that was the worst. I pulled muscles in my back. But some time soon after I started feeling a sharpe knife like pain whenever I eat or drink. The pain correlates with a rib and my wife can actually put her finger on the space between the rib that hurts as the food hits that certain spot in the esophagus. Is it possible that the disc is actually infringing on the esophagus or perhaps there are nerves caught in scar tissue from the coughing event.
    Obviously I’m going to have a GI doctor look at me. But the last thing I want to start thinking about is an internal problem GI problem. Is it more likely that the esophagus tore and mended with scar tissue or that I broke muscles in the rib area and also bulged a disc from the coughing?
    Thank you listening Doctor.

  2. Dinna

    I fracture both side of my 9th rib due to coughing . I’m in constant pain, my left is fine now it’s my right side that is very painful. I now have pain going up my shoulder and if I just sit and breathe it hurts a lot as well. I just want to make sure I don’t have a collapse lung or pneumonia . How would I know if I do ? This pain been gong for almost 6 weeks I thought I would be getting better by now. Please help in pain everyday.

    • Hello Dinna,

      Anytime I hear of a woman coughing and breaking a rib, I automatically think Osteoporosis. Rib pain can certainly last a long time, and there is always the chance you tore some tissue. Make sure to read the article on baseball player Sammy Sosa over on my daily blog.

      Dr. Russ

  3. Andrea

    What an amazing website! By far the most informative I have come across. What a treat! Thank-you.

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