In October of 2011, I started doing VIDEO TESTIMONIALS, which are posted to our YouTube Channel.  These are not commercials.  They are short (1-3 minute) unedited video clips of our patients telling you their experiences with TISSUE REMODELING, in their own words.



  1. Laiken McDaniel

    When I was in school I ran track, and every year I suffered from shin splints. One day I hurt my back and started seeing Dr. Schierling. I complained about my shin splints and he told me he could fix them. I decided to give it a try and the next week my shin splints were gone — it was like magic!

    Laiken McDaniel

  2. Candra Goodchild

    I was eight months pregnant and was going up a flight of stairs when two students came flying around the corner and down those stairs. One boy tripped over the other and fell right into me. I stuck out my arms to protect my baby belly. The boy was caught by my wrist which was twisted backward. It didn’t hurt at first, but gradually, I noticed more and more pain. I saw my OB and he told me that my tendons were looser when pregnant and that it would probably stop hurting after I had the baby. This was in 2005. I gave birth…still had pain in my wrists…went back to the doctor… wore the thumb spike (bracing) apparatus for 6 months. It helped, but shortly after taking it off for good, my wrist still had pain. At a visit to Dr. S to have my back adjusted, I mentioned that I had pain in my wrist and told him the whole story of my two year ordeal. He asked if he could try soft tissue repair on my wrist and went on to explain how scar tissue causes chronic pain. I thought, “Why not, I am willing to try anything at this point.” After one treatment my wrist was healed! I almost couldn’t believe it. I had struggled with wrist pain for two years, done everything my doctor had suggest with only temporary relief, and all I really needed was one five minute treatment. It is now 2011 and the pain in my wrist has not returned. I am currently having treatment done on my hip. The first treatment only seemed to help a little bit, but I went in yesterday and had it worked on again (he worked on a bit different spot). I feel better today than I have in months. I may still need one or two more treatments but they are well worth the minor discomfort for long term results. I would recommend scar tissue repair to anyone who wants the pain to be gone for good.

    • “I almost could not believe it”. Thanks for your kind words Candra! The truth is, if I did not see this kind of thing all day, every day, I would not believe it myself. It is a shame that you had to put up with it as long as you did. Best of health. Dr. Russ

  3. I fell on the ice a few years ago and caught myself with my elbow. I was in such pain! I went to the MD for x-ray and physical therapy. The therapy was so lame and did not really help. I decided to call Dr Schierling to see if he could help with the radiating pain in my back. During the adjustment I mentioned my elbow. He suggested “Tissue Remodeling” and I got immediate relief. I had not been able to straighten out my arm and left there with full mobility of my elbow. The pain was minimal but the result was maximum!

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