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  1. Matt

    Dear Dr Russ –

    I’m a 41 year-old male and I’ve had 2 lower abdominal surgeries (hernia repair in 2010 and hernia revision in 2016 – both laprascopic). I’ve recently been diagnosed with a fascia/muscle tear adjacent to one of the incision sites (lower abdomen, rectus abdominis, between belly button and pubic bone). It’s quite painful and limiting (pain is worse with activity and hurts when I cough/sneeze/reach up/twist/extend/etc). My surgeon tried injections of lidocaine and cortisone but those haven’t helped much. Resting seems to be most beneficial, but it’s hard to be off my feet four hours a day with my job and a family at home. My surgeon has now referred me to a doctor that specializes in regenerative medicine (injections of PRP, poroltherapy, stem cells) to see if that might help aid my healing. Have you had much experience with these treatments? Also, there is a chiropractor near where I live (Redondo Beach, CA) that has experience with fascia injuries and does “Active Release Therapy” (ART). Is ART similar to what you do? Is it best to wait until the fascia tear has healed before getting ART treatments? I’m worried about aggravating the injury/tear before it heals. Thank you!

  2. Ross

    I was in a bad motorcycle accident 6 yrs ago with 18 broken ribs. after all these years yet I still have severe pain. Yes been run through about every machine costings thousands and they always say nothing wrong with me. This continued pain is most depressing. Any ideas would be welcomed.


    • As a rider myself my whole life Ross (HERE), it truly hurts me to see this sort of thing. It is probably one of the two problems I talk about in the post, more likely to be a tissue problem if you have been to the chiro and had no relief, or been and had very short term relief.

      Russ S

  3. CJ

    Hi Dr. Schierling,
    I’ve been told by many medical practitioners that I have chronic Fascia issues. I go numb at T1 as an after effect of a 3 tier cervical fusion. I’m at my wits end. I’ve had chronic pain for years. No diagnosis, no direct help. I’ve tried a multitude of modalities of help. I’m not even sure how to explain what happens to me. Starts typically at Occipital region, can travel down neck to shoulder, then includes trapezius, lats, rhomboids. I’ve had right shoulder surgery for tears and spurs. My shoulder turned inwards (left side does as well). This is completely right side. Spasms, nerve impulse pain, tightened muscles, have trouble thinking or expressing clearly when I talk. I”m so stuck that I’m giving up hope. Please respond. Crying as I write this. Seems I do that a lot lately.

    • Hello CJ,

      Stories like these are absolutely heartbreaking. Chronic pain can affect every aspect of a person’s life since their pain — or more accurately, getting away from said pain — is all they are able think about (HERE). The question here CJ is whether or not this has become TYPE II PAIN or is purely the result of adhesed fascia.

      Wish I could do better for you here,
      Dr. Russ

  4. Dennis

    Dr. Russ, thank you for your website. Using your information, I suspect I have piriformis syndrome. I live in North GA. I was wondering if I went to a Chiropractor with that diagnosis is there a standard treatment that would be used or have you developed a specific form of treatment?

    Thanks, Dennis

  5. Elizabeth

    Hi Dr. Schierling,

    My husband has been diagnosed with sciatica and is constantly having some sort of pain. He did several rounds of the cortizone shots but they no longer help and if they do, it’s short lived. He did a non invasive surgery about a year and a 1/2 ago. Seemed to help for a bit but he is having issues again. I had been doing research on fascia for myself and ran across your site. We are very active and take care of our bodies but I fear he is going to lose that ability if he cannot get this corrected. We are located in Houston, TX and I wanted to see if you knew anyone local who might have the same treatments you offer and if you think it would be beneficial. I’m not a big fan of surgery and still believe he can beat this without going under the knife again.


  6. Michael

    I’m 64 yrs. old ,active life style, football, skiing etc. etc., very physical job entire life.for years suffered back spasms, got so bad I had MRI on spine showing nothing severe. During treatment lumps are found during massage that were very sensitive to touch. Located near the belt line of my hip.If I move a certain way these bumps cause my spasms . Myofascia release made the pain unbearable. My Doctor does not have any answers. We’ve tried stretching, acupuncture,nothing helps. One Doctor suggested back mouse, but know body knows how to treat it. My life is all about moving slowly and methodically in order to avoid the spasms caused by these lumps.

  7. Lynn

    Hello. I had a cesarean section 34 years ago, left hand orthopedic surgery 11 years ago and have lots of scar tissue inside my arm from IVs and blood donations over the years. In the last 48 hours, all of these sites have become red, inflamed and extremely swollen and painful. Went to Urgent Care and they suggested it was a reaction to Augmentin prescribed for a UTI. Benadryl isn’t helping… thoughts?

  8. Lesley

    Hello Dr. Russ
    I’m so so happy I came across your site. Please can you recommend any one to me. I live in Toronto, Ontario Canada. I have been living with rib pain on the left side and have undergone just about every test imaginable. This has been going on for a year. I’m finally seeing a pain management specialist as soon as I get the appointment. I almost at the end of my wits. Thank you,

  9. Linda

    Dr. Russ Schierling,
    I stumbled on your site while looking for information about fascial adhesions which I am currently being treated with a PT who seems to be addressing it through some very painful massaging. Unfortunately, since live in FL , I can’t call an make an appointment to see you. If possible, can you recommend someone that you feel will address my situation with a technique, such as yours, in the Tampa Bay area. I will soon have to stop my 3x’s weekly PT sessions.

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading your diagnosis and description of facial adhesions and therapy to address them. Thanking you in advance for any recommendations.


  10. Jenni

    Dr. Schierling,

    Thank for replying so quickly. The pain is constant, but varies with intensity depending on several things. Constant pain is always a 6-7 at its best. If I’m walking or moving at all it reaches 10+. If I cough, sneeze, sniffle, laugh……the pain is off the charts.
    I have seen my local chiropractor and after 2 adjustments I felt 50% better, but the temporary relief only lasted until my first sneeze. With movement I can feel and hear the “pop”, and then my muscles in that area begin to spasm. I am scheduled for another appointment tonight, and then Tuesday the massage therapist is going to try to loosen the fascia. I’m taking what I’m learning from you to my doc’s here. lol
    I’m feeling pretty certain this is subluxation I’m dealing with, My chiropractor is great, but this isn’t his specialty, so I believe he’s somewhat limited with treatment and maintenance program.
    I’m curious, is this something that normally takes long term and frequently repeated adjustments to find relief? What should I be doing or not doing to prevent it from “popping” back out of place.
    I’m so miserable and can’t go much longer like this. I am willing to come to MO to see you. I think I’m going to give my chiropractor until the end of next week, and if there’s not significant improvement you may find me camped out on your doorstep waiting for your next available appointment. haha

    • Hello Jenni,

      When you have that degree of pain upon coughing or sneezing, it tells me some things. In the mid back, it is usually indicative of a rib issue. However in the low back or neck, it typically means that the problem is an SOL or Space Occupying Lesion — usually, but not always a disc issue. While many problems respond very quickly to adjustments, disc problems are different. They can take lots of time and adjustment to solve. I am a huge fan of both Spinal Decompression Therapy and Inversion Tables for helping disc problems. Make sure to read my blog post on the latter over at my DoctorSchierling site.

      Dr. Russ

  11. Doug

    Due to chondrasarcoma I had the majority of my left femur removed. I have an implant starting about 8 inches above my knee going into my hip. As part of the surgery part of my quad was removed. My abductors are also not great. The surgery was 5 years ago and although the pain has varied I now have pretty consistent hip pain. I believe it is muscular. Not sure if you know how I can best treat this.

    • Wow Doug,

      When I get cases like this I honestly never know what to do. Usually I pray and just start working to see what I find as far as Scar Tissue is concerned. Obviously you will have a ton. Due to altered biomechanics, it is almost impossible to say what would work and what would not.

      Best wishes,
      Dr. Russ

  12. Matthew

    Having extreme pain in elbow. I do have a bone spur on tip of elbow which is very painful, but also extreme pain in forearm on top from boney part down the muscle on top. Began noticing that it just felt very tired after a short time working then progressed into more and more pain. Tried cortisone shot with no help at all, then tried occupational therapy and a iso-patch with the batteries and steroid medicine of some sort. And it felt great for the first day or so the the pain was back. Not sure if it is tendinitis or tendinosis. Please let me know what u think.

  13. Matthew

    I like what I have been reading. I am suffering pain from my job. I so lots of physical work and operate a 9in grinder with no trigger lock for 12 hour shifts 7 days a week. The extreme pain is in my left elbow on top of forearm and goes back to the bony part of forearm to elbow. Any med or suggestions? I have had a cortisone injection and just had extreme pain for week and no help. Just done 4 weeks occupational and iso-not sure the name but it was battery driven patch with a steroid on it I believe, and felt really good the day after the patch then pain was back.

    • Cortisone is bad news as it will both deteriorate the joint, and potentially cause a tendon rupture or tear. There is no way I could fix something like this in someone doing the same job 84 hours a week non-stop. You’ll have to slow down and give our body a chance to heal and repair or you’ll ruin yourself.

      Dr. Russ

  14. Matt

    Hello, My name is Matt. I have been dealing with a knot/ cramping feeling on my left side under the base of the lower rib on that side. I have been dealing with this for over 9 months. I finally decided to have my primary doctor refer me to someone else. He referred me to a general surgeon. I met with him 2 weeks ago and scheduled a ct scan. That I actually had done yesterday.. His guess was lumbar hernia. I follow up with him Next Monday. Although in between the initial consult with him and the ct scan. I fell and injured myself, taking the pain severity of the injury to another level.. Im not sure if the ct scan was done in a way to possibly show that injury, (I can’t really find any pictures of my ribs) , mostly my organs, the scan was abdominal and pelvic. the radiologist report doesn’t say anything about my ribs muscles or cartilage. Just a few things minor things about my liver and kidneys.. When I re-injured my left side this past sunday. I tripped and fell of a log about 3 feet off the ground.. I didn’t impact my ribs during the fall. I was holding a decent size stick in my left hand, and I used it to try and catch myself. When I did , I felt kind of a popping ( like a sprained ankle injury), and a horrible burning sensation that last about 10 minutes. It felt like my ribs were kicked from the inside or a blow out. The lower 3-4 ribs are very tender to the touch. Coughing sneezing and certain movements cause a sharp pain, and there is constant dull pain. I would like to learn more about your methods of treatment and possible schedule an appointment after I have had my follow up on Monday. I live in Rogers, Ar so the trip wouldn’t be that bad.


    • Hello Matt,

      Practically anything to do with the ribs can cause severe pain when you cough, sneeze, or breathe. If you go over to my blog, you’ll find out that in most cases, neither MRI nor CT show what you think they should. See what your doctor says, give it a few more weeks because of the new injury, and if you are not better, contact my via my contact page.

      Dr. Russ

  15. Celeste

    Hi Dr Schierling

    I had a pinched nerve in my back about four years ago and was on crutches for about five months on and off. I found a sports medicine doctor who got me walking again, but due to lack of funds at the time I didn’t get any physical therapy immediately after my injury like I should have. This was the biggest mistake of my life, as I have had nonstop chronic pain ever since. It feels like my body has locked itself into that injury pattern and will not let go no matter what I do, and I’ve tried everything. I’ve seen multiple physical therapists and tried all manner of stretching and strengthening exercises, all for nothing. I’m at the end of my rope. The worst part is the fact that my pain is effecting my education. I’ve been in school for the past four years while struggling with this pain and I am managing to graduate with honors, but I’m pretty sure I’d have a 4.0 if it wasn’t for my pain issues. I don’t see how I can make it through graduate school like this. I feel like my life and potential has been stolen from me and I am so depressed. If I wasn’t such a stubborn person I probably would have ended my life by now. Please help me if you can…

  16. Michelle

    Ok doc, let’s see what you got. 43, fit and healthy but I have a chronic reoccurring (more often last few years)lower left rib pain,it starts almost like the hitch you get when you run, but I’d take that over what it becomes a hundred times over! None of the dr’s I’ve delt with here are even slightly helpful. Activities don’t always set it off, this time I didn’t do anything. The middle rib on the left pops in and out and sometimes catches on the others,can’t touch the tip of any of those three ribs but the middle one is the worst and the pain is always worse on it. I’m at my wits end. I’m losing sleep I can’t touch it I can’t move much. I have another appointment Monday but I’m scared it’s going to be a waste of time again. New Dr. This time though. I don’t expect to walk out with a solid diagnosis of what this is. I’ve pretty much lived with it for as long as I can remember but the last 3-5 years it’s causing me to go crazy! I don’t get it with every cold either, about 3 or 4 times a year now and it lasts forever. I was ran over by a car when about four years of age,could that be a factor? Fibromyalgia and several arthritic problems are reoccurring in my family but other than hear things I don’t know what’s going on or why no one can help. The pain does get so bad I cry a lot but no answers. The rib in question has a lot of movement in it until it catches on the inside,extreme touch sensitivity and eventually the pain overtakes that whole side,back and my neck sometimes:(

    • Tough to say what this is, but the whole “I was run over by a car” thing could certainly be a culprit — even though it happened a long time ago. My experience is that with ribs that actually move in and out (visibly hypermobile) neither tissue remodeling nor adjustments work. Wish I could do better for you Michelle.

      Dr. Russ

  17. Hello Dr.,

    I was diagnosed with shingles in the begging of Sept. 2015. I never had the rash but had the pain which started in my right shoulder blade. I am still in sever pain ,still in my shoulder going down and around into my right breast. In Nov. it crossed over my spine and has gone from the center of the spine to the front lower ribs. I have been tested for everything (liver, Kidneys, spleen, Pancrease etc.) and all are normal. I have also had a MRI and my spine is fine.
    My question is; will my nerves recover. And how long will this last. The Neurologist has me on Gabapentin 1800 mg a day. I do not like taking medication if I can take something naturally or see someone that will take this burning, numbness and shooting pain away.


  18. Joy

    I came across your article on fascia and pain and have some knowledge (i am a biomechanist) and even powerful healing experience with fascial work and healing adhesions. I am a 34 year old female who found out this week that I have a 2 in tear in the fascia of my lower rectus abdominis. I am unable to find much lit on the subject and am wondering what you would recommend? Yes I have endured a lot of trauma in childbirth and have had subsequent hernia repairs. I am very naturally minded and would love to avoid another surgery. Any thoughts or guidance would be appreciated.

  19. Meg

    Hello, after many years of being extremely active, I’ve suffered from chronic pain for about 6 years. I have a fibro diagnosis, and every negative test you could imagine. Doing my own research, and after some painful massage sessions with my husband, I fully believe that adhesions are the primary cause of my pain and mobility issues. I am a Public Safety Officer, EMT, and Firefighter, but I haven’t been able to do any work on the ambulance or fire department, because I can’t even get up on the trucks. Your method seems to be exactly the life changing treatment that I need.

  20. Kathy

    I am a 57 year old woman, 5’4″, 115 lbs very active and otherwise healthy. About 4 1/2 years ago I was a passenger on a sea doo and was thrown off going about 40 mph. I landed on my left front rib cage and broke and displaced 3 or 4 ribs in the front resulting in a large lump of cartilage protruding instantly, obviously broken. They would not heal and I had a terrible time finding a dr who even knew what to do. I’ve had so many MRIs and CTs and they couldn’t see anything. A thoracic surgeon decided the best thing to do was remove it. He removed about 4″ of rib pieces. It was great for a while, but about a year ago I developed a chronic cough and sever pain in my thoracic back area. Once again no dr knew what to do except refer me to pain management. Most days it’s fine when I get out of bed, but by afternoon the pain is unbearable. On bad days it hurts all the way around my rib cage, like I’m being twisted like a rubber band. Most times the only way I can get relief is laying down, sitting doesn’t help at all. Pain management dr sent me for MRI and said all they can see is muscle spasms on MRI. Its crippling me and I am desperate for help. Do you have any ideas for permanent relief? I just want my life back.

  21. Kathi

    I have known for a few years that most of my pain was probably from PS, and your descriptions on your PS page confirm it; I have some particular issues with the common treatment methods I find on various webpages so I am wondering if I can get some advice from you somehow since you seem to be more in tune with this problem than anyone else I have found. Thanks

  22. Anna

    Dr. Russ,
    I came across your website and I’m hoping you can help. This is my story…

    I was at the dermatologist when I complained of pain running down my leg. Blood work was done and it showed that I had some sort of autoimmune disease. (my primary thought i mighy have at one point had lymes and gave me antibiotics for it) I went to a rheumatologist and he diagnosed me with fibro. I don’t just have the normal trigger points, but all down my legs even my arms I am so sensitive (a poke sends me shrieking). I’m constantly tired regardless of sleeping 8 hours. Some nights it seems I didn’t even sleep, not a deep sleep anyway. I do also notice that I’m moody, have a low libido, I’m irregular, anxious, and sometimes I can’t get out what I want to say. Please help!

    Thank you.

    • Hello Anna,

      I would suggest that you go to my Blog Category called “Universal Cure” and start reading. Tons of self-help information. This is obviously not a problem that digging, massaging, rubbing, or adjusting is going to solve.

      Dr. Russ

  23. stephanie

    i have cipro enduced tensnopathy from 6months ago. the pain is in my knees have you had any experince with this kind of problem?

  24. Matt

    Hi I have been searching for a possible cause for my pain for a few years now and I think your site has helped. Thanks so much.
    I would just like it if you could give me your opinion if I tell you the details?

    I think It started I think about 4 years ago when I gave myself a bad dead leg. But now there is no correlation between the pain I get and the site of injury. The pain itself starts anywhere in my quads or glutes, it actually starts as tugging feeling like fibers are being pulled. Then as I continue activity it spreads even into the other leg and the pain intensifies. At its worst it will have me close to tears, it feels like hot knives being plunged into my legs. Afterwards I have some muscle weakness and it feels like my legs are bruised.

    The thing is I am a amateur competitive cyclist and I train very consistently. I can go months without an episode. However if my training volume decreases I am plagued with this problem even after a single days reduced volume (it would usually take at least two days off the bike before I have problems) I also have a hunch that the higher intensity work makes things worse. The upshot is that I have the worst problems just as I am preparing for important races.

    Does this sound like a Fascia problem? What can I do? Finally, is there any link between carbs/sugar ad this sort of thing as it is something I thought at one time might be making things worse?


    • Hello Matt,

      Tough to say. Could be Fascia, but your situation with decreasing training volume causing your problem is certainly unique and not one I regularly see. Sure, lots and lots of people do better with activity, but at your elite level and volume of training, I am not sure I have run into something quite like it previously.

      Dr. Russ

  25. Christina

    Your site answers questions that reputable medical sites fail to address. As a patient I’m eager to believe what your saying, but as a college-educated biochemist, I hesitate to believe until I’ve cross-checked my sources of information.
    Would you mind sharing your CV and a list of any literature references, publications, and/or resources that support your philosophy?

    Thank you.

    Pain from Adhesions identified by LMT
    Treating w/ stone work, massage, & stretches
    Still in my 20s
    Athletic history- volleyball, basketball, shotput/discus thrower, weightlifting (dII college varsity).
    Tired of spending time, energy, & money getting normal test results.
    Tired of swimming against the current of compartmentalized medicine

    • Hello Christina,

      I don’t ever want anyone to blindly follow anything that I or any other doctor for that matter, is saying. My DoctorSchierling dot com site is loaded with peer-review, but there are any number of others talking about the same or similar things. Because I am a treating physician (chiro) with a busy practice, I have never felt the need to put a CV together.

      Dr. Russ

  26. Nichelle

    Hi Dr Russ,
    First off, thanks so much for all of your cutting edge information you’ve published. It has truly been helpful. I had a quick question I am hoping you can help me with. You seem to be the most knowledgeable person on the subject of collagen and connective tissue I’ve found. I don’t have any chronic pain. I had Diastasis Recti after giving birth to my two sons. My abdominal muscles have since gone back to their proper position with exercise and conscious change of my body alignment. But the connective tissue that should hold the muscles in place is still severely stretched and loose. So after I eat, I look 5 months pregnant even though I am 5’ 7” and 125 lbs. Even when I haven’t eaten, I look fat, though I worked super hard to lose all the pregnancy weight. Do you have any idea how I can encourage the connective tissue to tighten back up and do its job? Or does it just take a certain amount of time? I forgot to mention I am 13 months post partum with my second son.

    • Not sure there is a great non-surgical way to solve this common issue. As far as tightening the tissue back, the biggest piece of advice I could give you is not to do situps or crunches. Do gentle planks and Yoga-type activities, start easy, and work your way into it.

      Dr. Russ

  27. Jackie

    Dr. Russ,
    I just read your Rib Pain article and it sounds just like what I have been going thru for a few year. My 12th rib on the right side subluxes and causes extreme pain on the left side, refural. I can pressure point the right side to lessen the pain on both and feel a release in the Psoas major muscle on the left side as well. I have been seeing a chiropractor and it helps but we can’t figure out the reason I can’t fix this. Can you tell me the best type of doctor I should see in my area? This is debilitating to say the least.

    Thank you,

    • Hello Jackie,

      Certainly sounds like it could be a Fascial Adhesion. You need someone to break that up for you. As a chiropractor I understand the power of adjustments. However, adjusting a problem that is primarily caused by Fascial Adhesion will never hold for very long. For example, just yesterday I saw a 61 year old gal from Florida who has had chronic buttock pain since a fall on the ice (Missouri) when she was 18 years old. She has gotten adjustments every two weeks for years. In fact, when I hear patients say, “The only thing that helps me is chiropractic adjustments, but I never hold them very long,” the first thing that pops into my head is ‘Scar Tissue’. My goal is to give people an EXIT STRATEGY. She was 100% pain free when she left the clinic, which had never happened with all her years of adjustments. Watch my Doctor Schierling site for the video that is sure to follow.

      Dr. Russ

  28. Laura

    I had pins put in my proximal phalynx of my 5th digit on my left hand and in the MP jt of my 4th digit in the end of May. the pins were removed about a month later and I was started on physio to rehab the fingers. My question is, there is still substantial inflammation on my palm at the base of both fingers and from the DIP jt to the mp jt on the 5th digit. I am trying to get active motion going again in that finger, but am finding it to be a huge challenge. What would you recommend to reduce inflammation and regain my range of motion and unassisted control of the pinky finger?

    • First Laura, make sure that you are doing some form of bodywork on the area to help break the adhesions. Secondly, to effectively deal with Inflammation, go to my blog over at DoctorSchierling dot com and read everything you can about Inflammation. There are few people who truly understand what it is, what drives it, and how to stop it.

      Dr. Russ

  29. Roberta

    Hi, I have had bilateral foot pain for over five years. I had worn orthotics made by many foot doctors. I finally ditched the orthotics and have been in more pain than ever. My feet became atropied by wearing orthotics for so many years. I have been told that my feet are taking the blunt of walking. I have chronic plantar fascitiis, metatarsalgia and tendinotis in the big toe joints and in between the metatarsalgia heads and loss of fat pad in the balls of the feet and heels. The pain in the big toe joints is from pounding my feet and I do not walk correctly due to the change in my gait. I cannot even tolerate shoes as my feet are in so much pain. I have tried acupuncture, chiropractors, foot doctors, orthopedic doctors. One orthopedic wanted to fuse the bones in both feet, but second opinion did not agree. My feet are totally exhausted and don’t know what to do.

    I have been told I have alot of laxity in my feet and ankles. Currently seeing PT, he is doing TENS unit and message to the feet. I have been told to strengthen my feet. I am at my wits head as I cannot even work due to the pain in my feet. I have so much anxiety and depression, doctors only want to give drugs to mask the pain. I just want to get better. I feel the orthotics had caused alo of my problems, I also have alot of left hip pain and SI joint issues. Will strengthening get me out of this mess?

    • Hello Roberta,

      Provided you have dealt with any Systemic Inflammatory issues such as a Leaky Gut or underlying Autoimmunity, I am not sure what the next approach is. You might give Shawn a call over at Xtreme Footwerks in Idaho Springs, CO. He solved a nearly debilitating foot issue I dealt with for at least a decade. A true genius when it comes to lower body biomechanics.

      Dr. Russ

  30. Kyle

    Dr. Russ,
    Hello I was wondering if you could maybe help me understand what is going on with m hipflexor. As I am a professional dancer who dances at a very advanced level for about 46 hours a week, and recently I had noticed that my left hip flexor has been feeling some pain like maybe it needed to pop or something. But after severall attempts I came to the conclusion that it would not pop. Several days later of pain and agony of my body it finally pops and feels much better but now its gotten worse and so has the pain and it will not pop no matter what I do… Do you have any idea what this may be? The pain is shap, achinign, with lots of increasing pressure…
    Thank you,

    • Hello Kyle,

      The first thing you need to do is to read my Hip Flexor Tendinosis page over at Doctor Schierling dot com. Tendinosis will essentially “tether” a tendon, preventing it from moving or stretching like it should.

      Dr. Russ

  31. Anna

    Dr. Russ,
    I came across your website and I’m hoping you can help. This is my story…

    I was at the dermatologist when I complained of pain running down my leg. Blood work was done and it showed that I had some sort of autoimmune disease. (my primary thought i mighy have at one point had lymes and gave me antibiotics for it) I went to a rheumatologist and he diagnosed me with fibro. I don’t just have the normal trigger points, but all down my legs even my arms I am so sensitive (a poke sends me shrieking). I’m constantly tired regardless of sleeping 8 hours. Some nights it seems I didn’t even sleep, not a deep sleep anyway. I do also notice that I’m moody, have a low libido, I’m irregular, anxious, and sometimes I can’t get out what I want to say. Please help!

    Thank you.

  32. Priscilla

    Dr. Russ,

    My partner has been living with chronic wrist and elbow pain for about 3 1/2 years now. We have gone through the “medical merry go round” and no one seems to know what is going on. They tell him that based on the tests ( MRIs, CATscans, etc) that there seems nothing abnormal, but the pain is severe. Using a phone to text is unbearable. To give a bit more context, the pain first appeared in his wrists and slowly worsened, eventually reaching the inside part of his elbows. He tried PT for 6 months, nothing. We use heating pads, minimal and very temporary improvement (if any). They gave him a steroid shot once, nothing.

    We have no idea what it is and it’s been going on for so long that it’s become a sad “norm.”

    What do you believe it may be?

    Warm regards,


    • Hello Priscilla,

      This is one of two things. It may be nothing more than a severe case of TENDINOSIS or FASCIAL ADHESIONS (usually pretty easy to fix). However, it could be an AUTOIMMUNE REACTION to one or another tissues that’s causing this. Sometimes (although not always) the ANA blood test can reveal this. It is extremely non-specific but can (might) let you know if you are autoimmune or not. If that test is positive, the next step would be one of Dr. Aristo Vodjani’s Autoimmune Panels from Cyrex Labs. I saw a cattle rancher in my office yesterday with wrist pain of an unknown origin that had been going on for years. Despite him doing “everything” under the sun medically, no one had come close to solving his problem. When he left, he could not reproduce pain, even when I twisted on his wrist in every direction forcefully.

      Dr. Russ

  33. Karen warren

    Dear Dr. Schierling,
    I think I may have adhesions on my lower thoracic and lumbar spine. There is little pain, but when bending forward or slouching I feel a tightness at 2 locations on my spine. Also, when leaning back or laying on my back it feels like a knot, but when I feel it with my hand there is nothing there. I have had chiropractic adjustments to no avail and was told that I may have to live with it. This condition is very limiting and I am worried at a later date pain might develop due to non-movement of the joints. I worked at a job doing very heavy lifting when this started about 6 mo. ago. I have an appointment next week for a deep tissue massage in this area to see if this would help. Could you please advise on this. I have been searching the internet far and wide and haven’t found my exact problem. By the way, you have a great website.
    Thank you.

  34. Lai

    Hi, I’ve been struggling with this problem for almost 2 years and no doctor has been able to give me a proper diagnose. I’m 27 years old, no other medical problems. I went snowboarding a few days before I started feeling all these symptoms but I don’t remember having a bad fall. I’ve had mri and X-rays done and all they’ve been able to tell me was my neck is very straight.
    My symptoms:
    -Clicking and gravel (crackle) sounds in the base of my skull when I rotate my head left and up/ down.
    -There is this constant dull feeling in the base of my skull (never goes away) and at time elevates to a headache in that area.
    -I have this constant unsteady feeling like I’m swaying back and forth when I’m standing still but I can walk fine.
    I’ve tried atlas adjustments which helped very little but created other problems. My back and lower legs/ feet started to hurt.

    • Hello Lai,

      Interestingly enough, your cerebellum at the back bottom of your skull controls most of your equilibrium as well as your spinal postural muscles. I think that THIS POST might shed some light on your problem. There is a distinct possibility that your problem is being caused by Fascial Adhesions.

      Dr. Russ

  35. Brenda


    I have been searching google for years trying to figure out what is up with my rib cage issue.
    Every now and then when I am reaching, stretching, rolling over to sleep or lifting I will get this twinge in my right side lower rib cage area. ( Kind of near Sternum area ) This has been going on for over 4 years. It doesn’t hurt it just creeps me out. As though something poked me.
    I wondered if it was because of an underwire bra?
    I don’t feel any lumps or bumps or any pain, just a creepy twinge feeling.

    Who would I see for something like that? Or do I just learn to live with it 🙂

    • Hello Brenda,

      For most health issues, learning to “live” with the problem is rarely the best or only option. Doubtful that the bra is the problem, but it certainly could be. No idea who you would see for that.

      Dr. Russ

  36. alan clark

    Dr. Schierling I have had back pain and pain the buttocks in the last 10 years.I was diagnoised with spinal stenosis. and spongitous,finally had a spinal fusion after years of different physical therpies .I have had this pain in my hip the for 3or4 months.The pain is worse at night and when I lay down, itwill wake me up usually around 3or 4 in the morning and I can’t go back to sleep. I tried to start walking 3 miles every morning after about a week the painn was so bad I quit.I start to waddle when I walk for for more than fifteen mineutes or more.Do you think you can help me get rid of this pain.Alan clark

    • Hello Alan,

      The truth is, it’s impossible to know without working on you. SPINAL STENOSIS is a big enough problem, but having already had a SPINAL FUSION really throws a wrench in the machine. Although your pain may certainly be due to Scar Tissue, it does not sound like Piriformis Syndrome. All I can tell you is that you would know after one treatment whether or not what I do would help.

      Dr. Russ

  37. royce

    Hello and thanks for the helpful info. Over 2 years of ischial tuberosity pain from overtraining and sitting all day. Bilateral in nature, and just received deep ultrasound physician-guided dry needling on both cheeks to instigate healing. No rupture or avulsion on MRI, nor any sciatic pain. Just scar tissue and upper hamstring tendonopathy with glute pain while sitting. Not even much local pain to the touch. My question is this: As I am in Chicago, if I was to travel there, would one treatment of Tissue Remodeling along with cold laser work? or would you need multiple treatments? Thanks!

    • Hello Royce,

      I have always said that as long as I am not missing something (it’s been known to happen), you will know in one treatment if my approach is going to work. Bear in mind that HAMSTRING TENDINOSIS or WEAVER’S BOTTOM (yours sounds like one of the two) can be difficult and challenging — as you have already found out. Not trying to avoid your question, but in all honesty, I never know how much treatment or even whether or not I can help a person until they get a treatment under their belt and see how it goes.

      Dr. Russ

  38. Alison

    Dear Dr. Russell,
    I have tennis elbow in my right elbow. As you pointed out not from tennis. Cleaning horse stalls is the original culprit. I had shoulder surgery on my right shoulder 7 years ago as well. 90% tear of Supraspinatous, rotator cuff and AC joint involved. I compete in showjumping. My Dr recommend anti inflammatory diet, CS, Gloucosamine,MSM, stretches. Which I am adhering to. My activity level does not have the flexibility to change much. Although I don’t clean stall. He wants to try a Platelet Rich Plasma injection. What are your thoughts concerning PRP injections. Before his care i had a typical Ortho Dr inject steroids. Not a fan.

  39. Julie Blythe

    Dear Dr Russell,
    I have chronic tendinopathy of the hamstring insertion and after two injections over 2years am now on a graded and gradually loaded exercise programme with a physiotherapist. I am 68 years old and have been a gardener for years.I read with interest your articles, as am starting to despair that this will ever heal. Can you advise if you consider I am following the right course.
    Thanks for your time. Julie Blythe

  40. Diane Newton

    Hi Dr. Russ
    I was searching the internet and found your site so thought I’d ask your advice as you seem so helpful.
    7 years ago I had medullary thyroid cancer and had a full thyroidectomy and right neck dissection.
    After surgery I could hardly lift my right arm (not sure what happened there ?) anyway I have had neck and shoulder problems ever since…my neck is extremely tight and I get fluid build up around my clavicle…I have tried everything ! deep tissue massage,osteopath,physio,bowen therapy and at the moment acupuncture, gua sha and cupping…although the cupping seems to have made it worse than ever and i;m really worried about this ! I did see a chiropractor too and had grafting ? not sure if i’m saying that correctly..the metal instrument used to rub the skin…none of these things have given me any relief ..in fact after each treatment it feels worse…the chropractor called it “angry scar tissue ” but I do keep trying things anyway because it’s affecting my life…the problem is i’m not a complainer and a really positive person generally so i’m living this way in almost secret,except my husband knows… but it’s getting harder as I worry about my future.
    I feel like the inside of my neck is being strangled..almost like roots from a tree have attached themselves everywhere around my neck area and are pulling…..I also have a labrum tear in my right hip…pain in my lower back and osteo arthritis in my right knee..i’m sure they are all connected…in fact if you cut me in half i’m perfect on my left side……my doctors don’t seem to know what to do with me….is there any hope for somebody like me ?
    Regards Diane

    • Hello Diane,

      There is always hope. I promise you that someone out there knows exactly how to fix your problem — it’s just a matter of you finding them. Because the surgery may have caused Scar Tissue to form extremely deep in your neck, you may not be able to reach it with the methods you mentioned. The best therapy for deep problems like this might be COLD LASER.

      Dr. Russ

  41. Liz

    Hi there. I am just wondering what one can do when I have now developed partial tears in the insertion point of the common flexor AND extensor tendons of the elbow. I wake up in sharp pain in my right elbow. I also now have tendonitis and fluid in the tendon sheath of my left ECU tendon. I have had an operation in 2011 for my right ECU tendon which had tendonitis and a partial tear.I heard that elbow operations rarely cure the problem and cause more harm than good.

  42. Rob Sardone

    Dr. Russ,

    I apologize for the length of this question, but I think a brief history will be helpful in answering it.

    My name is Rob and I am a 24 year old musician who for the past 4-5 years have been suffering from varying levels of severity of muscle and tendon pain and overall muscle tightness throughout my whole body. I have been to doctors and specialists, been to physical therapy, gotten blood work done numerous times, have been on and currently am on several medications to try and manage the pain, but it seems like no matter what I do it just refuses to get better. I have had an EMG test done that said I have more nerve sensation than the average person and an MRI on my neck indicated two bulging disks, some loss of curvature in my cervical spine, and slight lymph node inflammation, but other than that all tests say i am healthy. I have not had an MRI done on my arms because all the doctors have insisted the arm pain is a byproduct of whatever the real issue is and an MRI wouldn’t do me any good (although I disagree).

    I’ve been playing guitar for 11 years and the pain started in my left (fretting) forearm about four years ago. I figured it was just from overuse so I took it easy for about a week, but then in started in the left side of my neck and crept along my shoulders until it hit my right arm, then in to both wrists, then into my quads and then calves. On top of the pain I also get muscle twitches throughout the afflicted areas- but mostly my hands- and the twitches often times lock up and don’t release for several minutes.

    There were periods where it seemed to calm down a good deal, and would flair up whenever I was too active, but the last flair up has been as severe as ever and hasn’t gotten better after five months of trying medication after mediation. The pain is so severe in my left arm I hardly use it for anything anymore and my music career has suffered from it. I am currently being treated like I have Fibromyalgia, but since the treatment is having no affect and my tendons are visibly inflamed, I don’t think that diagnosis is accurate.

    Do you think this sounds like Systemic Tendinosis? If so, what steps should I take to correct this plaguing condition?

    Any insight would be greatly appreciated, because quite honestly I am at the end of my rope.

    Thank you for your time,

    Rob Sardone

  43. Starla Hamilton

    Hello Dr. Russ,
    I found your website after researching tendinitis in the hips. I am a 40 year old RN who has been suffering with chronic “tendinitis” for over a year. I finally went to see an orthopedic in town recently and he did an MRI which showed tendinitis and inflammation in both of my hip joints. He tried 8 weeks of PT which did not help. He referred me to a rheumatologist who did tests for Lupus, RA, and tons of other things. It all came back negative so he gave me stretches to do and said it would be better in a couple of weeks, if not he mentioned the treatments you talked about such as steroid injections, the platelet replacement surgery, and other things. When I asked what was causing it he could not give me an answer. I will not be going back and am very frustrated! I hurt almost constantly. Some days it’s better than others but some days I can barely walk, all I can do is hobble! I have never had any trauma or anything to my hips. I have never had a bit of problem until I started going to a chiropractor here in town and after about a year is when they started to hurt. Could that have something to do with what has caused this? The PT said I have hyper mobile joints and thinks that my hip bones could be rubbing on the tendons constantly. They do pop a lot, but that just started after I started seeing the chiropractor here. I quit going almost a year ago. I cannot sit cross legged or ride in a vehicle for large amounts of time. I have a ten year old son and I do photography on the side as a hobby because I love the outdoors! It is seriously hindering my life and I would love to hear your thoughts on this! Any advice would be welcome,

    Starla Hamilton

  44. taylor shaw

    dr. russell. i am having a pain in my sternum on my left side that seems to be like a costochondritis kind of pain (from what i’ve read anyway), but i am also experiencing discomfort/pain throughout my rib cage (it seems to move from top to bottom, left to right, and back to front). the only constant is the left sternum that is usually indicative of costochondritis. any suggestions on what this could be? i’m having no cough and no sputum. it seems i’m not able to fully take a deep breath but i’m not having trouble breathing. and it does not get worse when i breathe deeply. i live in alabama and your site is a God-send. you seem to genuinely care about your patients and i am thinking i should drive out of state just to see you. any advice for me or even a kind of doctor i should try to see first? i don’t have a general practitioner.

    • Hello Taylor,

      You may have two separate problems going on here. Remember that anything that has the word “itis” in it is based on INFLAMMATION (there are exceptions such as TENDINOSIS). To deal with a chronic case of Costochondritis requires a lifestyle change (follow the first link). However, if you are also having Rib Tissue problems, this might require a different approach. The very first thing I would do with a situation like this is to get a couple of adjustments and see if it makes a difference. As far as what sort of doctor to see; if you see an MD, you are likely to get run through some expensive tests and given the usual drugs (pain killers, muscle relaxers, and most particularly, anti-inflammatories) — drugs that do nothing to actually help you get better. Before you even think of coming here, call Tracy with your phone number (HERE). I do not want anyone making an unnecessary trip.

  45. becky

    Hi,I have a problem that I’ve been dealing with for about a year and a half now. It started in 2012,been having some issues with my left foot but nothing major till one Wed. morning in Oct. I couldn’t get out of bed and stand on my left foot. Went to the clinic,they said I probably had plantar faciitis and gave me a shot. That didn’t help,so I found a foot doctor,he told me the same thing and put me in the boot for what seemed like 2 months! Didn’t help,so had foot surgery in February 2013 on my left foot. He did a plantar faciitis release and some repairs.Did about 2 months of therapy and tried to go back to work….didn’t help!Pain got so bad I couldn’t walk! Doctor decided it had to be something else,so now I go see a back surgen. Thought I had a pinched nerve,had surgery in June 2013 ,a discectomy…now the back/left hip problems start! Went to a nerve doctor,didn’t find anything,had 2 of the shots in my back,one in Oct. & Nov.,guess what….didn’t work! Went to a hip specialist,he couldn’t find anything wrong with my hips. Had a second back surgery in March 2014,did a fusion & 2 rods…guess what…helped a little but still have a pain in my butt/hip area & on the top of my left foot! Now I’m scheduled for a myelogram on June 2….I’m at the end of my rope! The pain is mostly like a sharp pulling pain in my butt and a sharp pain on top of my foot,they usually happen together.Any ideas? Oh,I did see a chiropractor,he told me what he thought it was then told me he could only do so much at a time to each area and my insurance wasn’t gonna pay much,so that was out of the picture.

  46. Robin

    I’m a 58 year old retired physical education female teacher. I began having back pain and pain radiating down my right leg back in September. My leg pain got so bad that I really got very depressed and desperate. I tried PT with no relief. I had an MRI done. Showed some spinal stenosis, 2 annular tears, bone spurs. My doctor suggested I have a laminectomy done on my L4/L5. I’m still in excruciating pain in my right buttock and down my right leg. After 6 months of sharp, shooting, pin and needles, electric bolts shooting down my right leg and knee. I finally had an EMG done this April. Test results show permanent nerve damage. I was told that my problem was my L4. I’m so depressed and in excruciating pain. I have no idea who to trust or believe. I have had 3 Drs. Opinions. One said another surgery to fix the tears, one said burn the nerve, one at least said he has no idea what could have caused the radiculopathy in my right leg. My question is can PS cause permanent nerve damage? Any suggestions?

    • Hello Robin,

      I hate that you are going through this. The very first thing you need to do is to revolve your whole life around SQUELCHING THE INFLAMMATION. I suppose that PS could cause permanent nerve damage, although I do not recall seeing it. I have, however, seen a couple of people who had permanent nerve damage from the PS surgery. Not sure what to tell you here, but it is extremely frustrating to have several doctors all telling you something different.

      Let me know if you find a solution.

      Sincerely, Dr. Russ

      • Robin

        Hello Dr. Russ, I wrote to you back in April about my right leg radiculopathy. I have been back in PT since the end of May with No relief. My neurologist, surgeon and pain Dr. has suggested spinal cord stimulation as a treatment to help control my pain. I’m pretty sure I’m going to do this. The three different companies that I have to chose from is Medtronic, Boston Scientific or St. Jude. Do you have any comment or opinion on this procedure and what company or brand should I go with? They all have each their own marketing sales pitch. Thanks for your time.

      • I have no idea, although I know people who have researched them say that there are pros and cons to each.

        Dr. Russ

  47. Caroline Brown

    I have had pain staring in my right groan area going to the hip area . I have had 5 shots of corti…since aug 2013. 3 in my si ( back area) and 2 in my hip ( never again) will do thT WITHOUT BEING PUT UNDER. wHAT can I do. I cannot sit for long periods of time as my buttock on the right side starts to burn as this goes down my leg. I get no relief ever. It’s all I think about …cannot sleep either

  48. Canbeyli Mahmud

    Dear Doctor
    I am from overseas,istanbul.
    Had a wrong treatment in china and injuried my tissue from neck to hip.
    Suffered from pain 2 yrs and been to many doctors in istanbul, france, england but had no result.
    Finally last year found a ART specialist in LA. Had 7 sessions of treatment and finally i was feeling better.( after 6 monts later)
    I have a french chiropractor here in istanbul on my last visit to her 4 weeks ago she streched my fascia on right side from hip to had while i was in fetus position.
    As you can imagine since than i am again suffering and walking around like
    ” a bottle of boiled water”.my main problem is inflammation i feel allover my upper and lower back & both feet.
    You can see inflammation on mri too.
    Even after ART it was there.
    I have 9 yrs old son and we are going to have another baby soon.
    It is really hard to have chronic pain and be a good father.
    I want to go back to good days again…
    So please tell me what to do???

  49. sue rogers

    Hello, my name is Sue…. since July I have been experiencing a lot of pain, first starting in one hip then the other and now it encompasses my entire pelvic region and back of my entire leg on both sides. In my buttocks if feels very deep like bone pain at first now more sensitive even to the touch as are my legs as well. have been treated for bursitis with no results then had 3 cortisone injections in both hips, had x-rays to rule out bone spurs and also an MRI to rule out AVN. on that MRI they could see a lot of inflammation in the iliac region and hips but, they do not have any clue why. I have been given a boat load of anti-inflammatories and still no relief. now I have been given meds of 20/week to now a whopping 60/week plus! honestly they barely take the edge of the pain and if I don’t take them the pain is so bad that I am unable to sleep at all. I have already had an auto immune disease(grave’s) and am literally desperate !!! please help me if you can. my Also any pressure on those areas is painful, more at times than at other times, and carrying any weight just makes it more painful. I had to quit my job due to the issues surrounding this and under DR. advise filed workers comp just in case. My job entailed excessive bending and standing 12-14 hours/day and moving 4000lbs. of eqip. on a daily basis
    I hope you have enough info to make an informed dx or lead me in the right direction.
    Thank you, Sue

  50. Phil Morrish

    Phil Morrish
    I have the most incredible pain in my buttock/hip area. After sitting can put no weight on my left leg without a shooting pain in hip and hamstring and then pain releases through actually putting down foot and exercising. I am 57 diabetic 2 and recently got through frozen shoulder. I am and have been for years a very regular sportsman however over this Christmas period have laid off exercise to allow my body a bit of time to heal (I had a sore knee which did not stop me playing at all).
    What exercises can I do if it is PS? My frozen shoulder was sorted by chiropractor and exercise. The pain here is excruciating but short term. Will I damage myself too much if I go back to playing Field Hockey next week?

    • Hello Phil,

      I would not recommend field hockey at this point (although I would like to try it myself — looks intriguing). HERE is something to help you understand why you need to get this blood sugar issue under control. On that same site, type in the word “Butt” to the search bar and my PS page will pop up. Stretches are there.

      Dr. Russ

  51. jessica

    Hello Dr.

    I have had aching problems since i was about 7 years old! It usually starts in my foot, then spreads up my leg, past my knee, to my hip! Literary feel it spreading! Usually left, but sometimes right, or both Feet/legs! Now my hip feels like i got punched in the left butt cheek hard! Actually limping! My foot pain comes and goes, but the butt pain persists! Im 32 with 2 children. I also get frequent headaches, and heart palpitations (not sure if related). Please help, im miserable, and nobody can tell me why… sometimes ibuprofen works, often it does not. Any ideas? Much appreciated! Aches are not constant, seems random! Sometimes my ankle pops and seems to kick it off, somEtimes it pops and nothing happens… i am desperate for answers! Ty! Jessica

  52. david smyth

    Hi, I do competitive racewalking and in the past 6 weeks i have noticed a sharp pain in my piriformis and yes its a pain in the butt 🙂 Any suggestions to stretch it or help it as i have summer season coming up and don’t wanna be side lined.

  53. Stephen Lee Lawson

    Dr Russ,

    After days of excruciating pain in my left buttock and posterior thigh I finally found the strength and presence of mind to search the internet for insight and relief. You sir, are a saint amongst men. Providing information in such an accessible and easy to understand way. I laud you and your efforts to bring comfort to all those suffering similar distress.


  54. susan petillo

    Thank you for your informative site. It’s given me answers in terms I am comfortable with as versus the terms my doctors are prone to using.

    • Thanks Susan,

      Truthfully, that is exactly why I built this site.

      Dr. Russ

      • Marlene

        I am wondering if you can help me? I have had worsening chronic pain for the last 9 years, starting 6 months into my first pregnancy. It started as a localized sharp stabbing pain deep in my right glute ( maybe piriformis area). Now 9 years later ALL the muscles of my gluteal area are constantly sore, my hamstring has lost flexibility, and when I sit in the car or on a chair there is a deep horrible aching in the area of my sit bones with additional radiating pain down the hamstring, calf, across top of foot and into big toe. I used to be a runner before kids but running is too excruciating now and so is the rowing machine. I work out daily, always have, however my exercise repertoire is shrinking as the pain worsens as time goes on. I’ve tried every specialist and have had every scan possible. Still no diagnosis and no treatment plan has helped. I will add that I also have Diastasis rectus abdominus and stretched out abdominal fascia that I believe can never get any better without surgery.

      • Hello Marlene,

        Tough to say, but it certainly sounds like it could be PS. The diastasis likely has nothing to do with your pain, although I am always interested in links between problems.

        Dr. Russ

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