Destroying Chronic Pain

If you are one of the estimated 50 to 100 million Americans who suffers with Chronic Pain, you are aware of just how miserable and life-altering it can be. There is not a single area of you life that has remained unaffected.

You no longer sleep. Your sex life is nearly non-existent. Everyday activities have become “Mount Everest”. You cannot concentrate because the pain is always on your mind. It is wearing you out, both physically and emotionally. People can see the pain on your face and in your eyes. Chronic Pain is slowly destroying you from the inside out, draining the life out of you, and leaving in it’s place a feeling of worthlessness and despair.  And to top it all off, you cannot believe the amount of money that you’ve spent on doctors, tests, and medications — with little or nothing to show for it.  You are on the “Medical Merry-go-Round” and it’s spinning too fast for you to get off.

Chronic Pain and the inability to live your life and pursue your passions, are making you feel depressed (not the other way around like your doctor may have suggested). Recent studies have revealed that the brains of people suffering with Chronic Pain show patterns of atrophy that are virtually indistinguishable from patterns seen in patients with dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease. In fact, research from a prominent Canadian university reported that Chronic Pain causes the brain to degenerate at almost 10 times the rate of someone without pain!

Although your situation may seem hopeless, there are some things that you can do to help yourself — even though your doctor has undoubtedly failed to educate you in this regard. Some of the most basic of these include eating only healthy foods and taking only whole-food supplements, drinking more water, giving up the cigarettes, and exercising to the degree that you are able (difficult when suffering with Chronic Pain). For more information, check out some of the links on the “Blogroll” at the right side of the page.

Although doing these simple things will certainly help a large percentage of you who suffer with Chronic Pain; there is a significant percentage of you whose pain is not greatly diminished by these measures. It is for you that I created this website —- Destroy Chronic Pain. You see; I myself struggled with Chronic Pain for a decade before finding a solution.

But before we move on to what it takes to address the unique problems of people struggling with Chronic Pain, you must first understand what Chronic Pain is and how it really works. 


Bear in mind that the information presented throughout the numerous pages of this website, is not a substitute for advice or treatment from your medical physician. Neither is it meant to diagnose or treat any specific person or health condition. Always get the “thumbs up” from your M.D. before embarking on any therapeutic treatment, exercise routine, nutritional supplementation program, diet, vacation, purchase of a used car, color you wish to paint your house, boxers or briefs, or anything else you happen to be contemplating having to do with health —- or anything else for that matter.


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26 responses to “Destroying Chronic Pain

  1. Charlotte

    I have been having pain under both sides of my ribs. It radiates some days and one side will be worse than the other. If I try and touch it… It feels super sore and feels like a big muscle knot. It makes my lower back hurt and it also hurts in my pelvic area. My chiro says my body feels super tight!!! Could this be why??

  2. Ant

    Dear Doctor
    My mom has been suffering major pain in her abdnum after seven operation and is also diagnosed with liver and colon cancer, which at this stage is dormant. After the last operation we have noticed an increasi in growth from the scar tissue’ I can actually see the SOCCER ball size scar tissue and she is in constant pain. Please advise what u would you surgest. a final operation to remove all the scar tissue or is there anything else i can do to relieve her pain’ My mom is suffering badly and the doctors here in our town in Rsa dont seem to be able to assist us.
    I thank You Kindly

  3. Alicia Capell

    Your article is amazing and I’m almost 100% for sure I have this. I so wish you were closer to me. 2 years ago I was working out hard. Running and doing Insanity. I am very overweight and was trying to lose. Well I started having pain and it gradually got worse and worse. Got to where I couldn’t sit. I had to lay on the couch and had to give up my recliner. Riding in the car was awful. I was diagnosed with a bulging disc but not a horrible one. I just gave up everything. Eventually got better but I gained all my weight back. I just started slowly adding exercise back and the pain in my butt is back. Starts at the top of my buttcrack and goes over to my hip. When I lay on my side in the bed and my kids climb on my hip it hurts so bad in a certain spot. I have very high arches and my feet roll to the side. I have knee issues too. Would correct shoes help all of this?? Thanks so much!! Alicia Capell

    • A couple of things Alice. Check out the Anti-inflammatory diet at (just search it). Losing weight is 90% diet, and only 10% exercise. This same diet might help you with your pain as well. As far as the feet go, yes; your high arches are probably connected to this. I also have info on this subject on my other site. I would also suggest that you read my article on “Asymptomatic Disc Bulges”.

      Dr. Russ

  4. Wilbert Barton

    Although I have struggled with this issue ever since a four year Surgical / Orthopedic issue as a child, over the past several years, my hip and leg pain had gotten so bad that I could hardly walk or bend over to put on my socks. Dr Schierling suggested that I try this treatment. I talked with several people who had done it and decided to give it a try. After a few visits to Dr. Schierling for scar tissue treatment, I have regained 85% of my movement ability and the pain is minimal. Before the treatments I thought I was going to have to have another surgery. Thanks to the treatments, I feel much better.

  5. Larry Wood

    Larry Wood, Kennett, MO
    I was having shoulder pain daily and nothing seemed to help it until Dr. Schierling used this procedure on my shoulder and after the first treatment it was amazing I have had two more treatments on my shoulder and I am now pain free: but more than that I have 100% mobility in my shoulder now.
    I am a firm believer in the procedure and would recommend it to anyone before they have extensive (and expensive) tests done. This procedure saved time, money, and a LOT of pain!

  6. Jean Stone

    Jean Stone
    I worked in factories for over 30 years. Continuous repetitive motion
    tore my the muscles in my arms and shoulders to pieces. Dr. Schierling
    had been adjusting me for sciatica. He had made it possible for me to
    work with little or no pain. He suggested this new treatment for the scar
    tissue in my shoulders and arms. I had one treatment and within a week
    I could tell I was healing. It was almost 2 years before I needed another
    treatment. Dr. Schierling doesn’ t lie to you. He isn’ in it just for the money.
    He really cares about his patients and wants the best for them.

  7. I used to be incredibly active in performing with color guards both locally and across the country, but all of that spinning of flags, rifles, and sabres had taken a toll on my wrists to the point that I was no longer able to do what I loved. Doctors diagnosed me with carpal tunnel syndrome (without even testing for it) and recommended that I have the normal CTS surgery, which would cut my tendons and quite possibly prevent me from having the hand dexterity for spinning ever again. Dr. Schierling’s occasional spinal adjustments already had relieved knee pain that I had for years, so I trusted him when he suggested Tissue Remodeling. It was a very physically painful process at the time, but it was short compared to the time that I spent in agony during my performing years. I had relief within just a couple of hours. After my second treatment, I was able to get back into spinning a little to build my strength back up and since then I have been able to pass my gift on to my students by teaching color guard. I am incredibly grateful for this “advancement” and its being shared with me!

  8. Sheila Falwell

    I went to Dr. Schierling for an adjustment after my low back “went out”. Since it was my first visit with him, we talked about my various areas of pain that I had been dealing with over the past 20 years. He told me his diagnosis, Piriformis Syndrome, and started educating me on what it was and the symptoms. He did the Tissue Remodeling Treatment and I saw an 85-90% improvement — immediately! I went back to be treated in other different areas to deal the the various aches and pains that I have had. My numbness and tingling in my arms that I had every time I grabbed the steering wheel is gone, my shoulder pain (that I received a steroid injection to the year before, with no relief of pain) is gone also. Thank you, Dr. Schierling,for showing me that i am not doomed to a life of aches and pains because of my age or my family genetics! You are amazing and I tell everyone about how you have helped me! Sheila Falwell– West Plains, MO

    • I appreciate your kind words Sheila. With the absurd amounts of microscopic scar tissue you had, you would have suffered until the day you drew your last breath. I am thrilled that you are living life at its fullest again.

  9. Cheryl Hyde

    Six years ago, Dr. Russ did a treatment on my shoulder that I had injured some 10 years before. I had not had relief from that pain except through occasional medications which were only temporary. After Dr. Russ’s treatment, it was 3 years before the pain started coming back. Last month, I made a trip to see him (from Cartersville, Georgia —- Atlanta area) and he treated the shoulder again. I must say that while I am again impressed with the results, I am more impressed with his sincere interest in our well-being. I wish I lived closer to Mountain View as I’m sure follow up visits would increase my satisfaction with the process. Thank you for helping us out – AGAIN! I am so much better off today than I was two months ago and sincerely better than 7 years ago. You rock, Doc!

    • Just to let folks know, David and Cheryl stayed with us while they (as part of the Builders For Christ) built the gym for First Baptist Church, Mountain View. Thanks for the kind words Cheryl. If you are coming this way, our home is your home! Dr. Russ

  10. Doug Base

    I have personally seen the benefits of Dr. Schierling’s Soft Tissue Treatment for both myself and my wife (chronic shoulder and back pain). It has reduced our amount of chronic pain and has allowed further detoxification in the body providing long-term benefits. I highly recommend it to others.

  11. Josie Gillingham

    For better than 6 years I had chronic severe pain in my left elbow which caused numbness to radiate down to my hand making it impossible to grip or hold anything. After my husband told Dr. Schierling about the pain I was in, we decided to try the Soft Tissue treatment and see if it would help. After two sessions, I feel almost 100% better. I can’t thank Dr. Schierling enough!

  12. Sheila Stoops

    I would just like to thank Dr. Schierling for being able to walk without pain. I first used the treament to repair scar tissue in my wrist. I had put up with the pain for 3 years. I had to wear a wrist brace alot of the time and when you type all day for your job that wasn’t easy. I had 2 treaments and now I can even practice shooting my bow without my brace. Then I hurt my hip a couple of weeks ago. I have never been in so much pain. Yesterday I went to the office to see if we could do the scar tissue treament on my hip. After a few minutes he was done and when I got up I could walk straight again. The pain was nearly gone. Why would anyone spend thousands of dollars and all the risks and pain that goes with surgery. At the very least it is worth a try. I can’t stress enough how much this helps. My hip is 90% better. Don’t be in pain for months or even years without trying this treament. Just think of how much your quality of like will improve without all that pain. We are truly blessed to have Dr. Schierling in our area. Thanks, Sheila Stoops, Summersville, MO

  13. Mary Zitter

    As a Zumba Instructor I depend on my body to perform. When shin splints and plantar fasciitis started interfering with my ability to instruct my classes, I visited with Dr. Schierling. He did the scar tissue treatment once for the shin splints and once for the plantar fasciitis. WOW!! Immediate relief! A few days of healing & stretching was all it took for me to be back doing what I love!!! He also recognized the fact that I was wearing the wrong shoes for my foot type. Thanks Russ!!

    • Thanks for your kind words Mary. To those of you who do not know, Mary Zitter is our rocking, local Zumba Instructor. Give her a big thank you for what she is doing for you and for the community as a whole. The one negative that I have heard about Mary and Pam and their classes —- they are addictive. You cannot go just one or two nights a week! I adjusted a patient from Willow two days ago who described a scenario where they are following the Zumba sessions from town to town on different nights of the week via carpool. This community, as well as the surrounding communities, needs what you have to offer. Thanks for what you do Mary!

  14. Stacey Redman

    Eleven years ago I had two serious car accidents only 4 months apart. They left me in a mess. I had severe pain in my knees to the point that I was unable to walk, irregular heartbeat, numbness in my hands, upper back pain, and severe headaches that left me vomiting and unable to move at times. These headaches never went away. No matter what I’ve done or what medications I took, they were still there. I went to several doctors, and went through too many test to name. All to no avail. I recently married and my husband suggested I see Dr. Schierling and Dr. Schierling suggested “Tissue Remodeling”. I must say this changed my life DRASTICALLY. I have had 3 treatments and am 95% percent healed. I have not had a headache since my first treatment which was early this year. I felt the relief within minutes. I am now able to do the things I love in life and PAIN FREE!! PRAISE THE LORD. Thanks Doc and Tracy for all you do!!

  15. Randy Gilman

    My story is one of the aging athlete who’s mind thinks the body can do things that Father-Time no longer permits. Consequently I’ve pulled, strained and torn things all over my body!!! Dr. Schierling has been instrumental (pun intended which you’ll understand if you’ve had treatment) in dealing with and healing my numerous injuries. If you’re dealing with injury or pain I encourage you to give Dr. Schierling a visit! Randy Gilman, School Principal

  16. Aaron Sydow

    Last year I began having shoulder pain on a regular basis. This limited my mobility, and in some positions, caused a great deal of pain as if something was pinched. Only after continual discussions with my wife (whom Dr. Schierling had successfully treated for chronic neck pain) about my discomfort did I agree to have Dr. Schierling take a look at my shoulder and get his opinion. I was hesitant, but thought it was worth a shot. He proceeded to evaluate my lack of mobility and treat me. The procedure proved to work and after some extensive stretching I have regained 100% mobility with no pain whatsoever. I am a firm believer in the procedure and would recommend it to anyone before they have extensive (and expensive) tests done. This procedure saved time, money, and a LOT of pain!

  17. Sue VanHorn

    My right arm was almost useless because of the pain I experienced in it. For over a year I made many “failed” visits to orthopedic specialists that ordered MRIs, CT scans, X-rays, nerve blocks and numerous physical therapy visits. I was introduced to Dr. Schierling by a family member. What a blessing! After one treatment I could raise my arm above my head and chop vegetables again – and all without that excruciating pain. I had one more treatment and have additional mobility. The orthopedic doctors were going to operate on my neck without really knowing if it would fix my problem!!! I can not thank Dr. Schierling enough for what he has done for me. Sue VanHorn, Columbia, MO

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